2008-2009 Expenses

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As a private institution of higher learning, Westminster receives very limited financial support from public taxes. Each student registering at the college is charged tuition at a rate that covers approximately 70 percent of the cost of his/her educational program. The balance of the cost must be met by income received from gifts and endowments from trustees, alumni, faculty, churches, and other friends of the college who help to underwrite the education that Westminster provides. The Board of Trustees of Westminster College reserves the right to change tuition and fees at any time.

Tuition (2008-2009)


Per Semester

Part-time students (1-11 hours), per hour


Full-time students (12-16 hours, inclusive)


Overtime surcharge (17 hours and above), per hour


Auditing, per hour


May Term, per hour


Summer Term, per hour


May Term (undergraduate only): the tuition charge per credit hour is $975. Payment of full-time tuition for Fall Semester 2008 earns two free hours for May Term 2009. Payment of full-time tuition for Spring Semester 2009 earns two free hours for May Term 2009. All students not eligible for the 4-hour or 2-hour tuition waiver will be charged $975 per hour.


Per Hour

Master of Arts in Teaching


Master of Education


Master of Professional Communication


Master of Public Health $840

Master of Science in Nursing


Master of Science in Nursing Education


Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia


Master of Science in Professional Counseling


Business Certificates $1,068

Master of Business Administration &
Master of Business Administration in Technology Management Programs

Students enrolling in the MBA and MBATM programs during the 2008-2009 academic year will pay a "fixed" price of $41,652 for the entire program, charged at the rate of $1,068 per credit hour. Students in the accelerated MBA and MBATM programs will pay $36,108, charged at the rate of $1,003 per enrolled credit hour. Tuition includes all programs costs including books, access to all program functions, and a required international trip. The tuition price will remain fixed throughout the student's program as long as he/she progresses satisfactorily (i.e., by taking no more than one semester off).

Residence Hall Charges (2008-2009)

Room Semester Year
Double $1,853 $3,706
Single $2,237 $4,474
Board Semester Year
Full $1,483 $2,966
Reduced $1,262 $2,524
Economy $1,061 $2,122

Students paying room and board charges for Spring Semester continue May Term without additional charge.

Room Deposit: $200

The room deposit becomes a damage deposit, which is refundable less any charges for damage when students leave the residence halls.

General Fees (2008-2009)

Student Activity Fee

Per Semester

Full-time students (12 hours and above)


Part-time students (7-11 hours)


Part-time students (2-6 hours)


The student activity fee covers the following items:

  1. Associated Students of Westminster College (ASWC) membership and class membership dues.

  2. A series of social events.

Technology Fee Per Semester

Full-time undergraduate students (12 hours and above)


Part-time undergraduate students (7-11 hours)


Part-time undergraduate students (2-6 hours)


Audit, undergraduate or graduate


Student Publication Fee Per Semester

Undergraduate students (2 hours and above)


Health, Wellness and Athletic Center
Membership Fee
Per Semester

Full-time undergraduate students (12 hours and above)


Membership fee for part-time undergraduate and graduate students is optional and would be paid directly to the Dolores Doré Eccles Health, Wellness and Athletic Center.

Graduate Fee

A $12 per credit hour fee is charged to all graduate students, with the exception of students enrolled in the MBA or MAT cohort program. The graduate fee covers the following items: student activity fee, technology fee and student publication fee.

Other Fees

Student I.D. replacement fee $10

Alumni Audit


Certain courses require additional fees, which are listed in the course schedules and the academic catalog.

Health and Accident Insurance

Students are encouraged to carry health and accident insurance, which can be obtained through the American College Student Association. There are different options and rates available to students. Cost may vary somewhat due to students age. Coverage is also available for family members. The plan is brokered through Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.

A premium rate example for a student 24 years of age or under is:

Low Option Plan $675 per year
High Option Plan $1,149 per year

For more information, please visit ACSA.com, or contact Nathan White at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network (801) 533-8444.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Tuition, fees, and room and board charges are due in full on the first day of the given semester. Students registering late must pay in full when they register. Students unable to pay in full must make other arrangements with the Accounts Receivable Office by the second week of the semester. The college reserves the right to grant or deny financing for any student based on his or her credit worthiness. In addition, the college reserves the right to cancel the registration of any student who fails to comply with all terms of his or her financial obligation with the college. Additional information on this policy is available in the Accounts Receivable Office. Statements of credits, certificates of graduation, or transcripts are issued only to students who are current in their obligations with the college. All outstanding charges are due and payable at the time students leave the college.

Tuition Appeals

Students may appeal charges of tuition and fees (for personal and/or medical reasons) by submitting a letter of appeal and appropriate documentation. The appeal can be submitted to any member of the Appeals Committee from the following offices: Student Account Services, Registrars Office, Financial Aid, and the Dean of Students.

Appeal requests must be submitted within six weeks after the end of the semester in question. Approved appeals will be made retroactive only to the last date of attendance.

Changes in registered hours may change any financial aid disbursed to an account (see also Financial Aid Miscellaneous Information, Withdrawal from College, Medical Withdrawal).