2012 - 2013 School of Nursing and Health Sciences -- Division of Nursing

The faculty members at Westminster College's School of Nursing and Health Sciences provide learning opportunities for individuals preparing to engage in the art and science of nursing. We are committed to excellence in teaching through the creation of an active learning environment that promotes inclusiveness and respect for diversity. We feel a deep sense of responsibility to build a foundation of knowledge and develop skills that will prepare students to function as nurse leaders in a variety of settings.

We are seeking to help students prepare to become critical thinkers through critical examination of alternatives. We integrate liberal education, theory, research and practice through collaborative learning methods. We encourage teamwork. We enhance self-confidence through positive reinforcement of well-performed clinical skills. We foster leadership development and strive to develop learners with an increased sense of social responsibility and global consciousness. We continually assess and evaluate student performance and achievement of program and college-wide goals and objectives.

Programs include:

Master of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)
Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate Option
Master of Science in Nursing Education (MSNEd) and Certificate in Nursing Education