2012 - 2013 Environmental Studies Courses

ENVI 101 Introduction to Environmental Studies (4)
Interdisciplinary exploration of the fundamental principles of Environmental Studies. Students will consider influential approaches to understanding nature, and investigate local environmental issues. This course draws on ideas from the natural sciences, the social sciences and the humanities.
ENVI 300 Special Topics in Environmental Studies (1-4)
A changing topics course addressing environmental issues, especially reserved for those approaches that cross disciplinary boundaries delineated by ENVI 340, 350, and 360.
ENVI 340 Special Topics in Science (1-4)
Upper-division courses exploring influential ideas, texts, and practices from the intersection of science and environment.
ENVI 350 Special Topics in Civic Environment (1-4)
Upper-division courses exploring influential ideas, texts, and practices from the intersection of the civic realm and the environment.
ENVI 360 Special Topics in Culture (1-4)
Upper-division courses exploring influential ideas, texts and practices from the intersection of culture and environment.
ENVI 401 Directed Studies (1-4)
A tutorial-based course used only for student-initiated proposals for intensive study of topics not otherwise offered in the Environmental Studies Program. Hours are arranged. Prerequisite: consent of instructor and school dean.
ENVI 405 Senior Seminar (4)
A capstone course for Environmental Studies majors ordinarily taken during one of the last two semesters of undergraduate study. The Senior Seminar will take different shapes for students from the different concentrations, and will give students the chance to develop their ability to grapple with complex environmental issues and conduct advanced research in preparation for graduate school or careers.
ENVI 440 Internship (1-4)
Students receive credit for meeting pre-arranged learning objectives while working for a business, a non-profit, a government program or some other organization that engages the environment. Hands-on experience is especially important to Environmental Studies students, and the faculty will work to support internship opportunities for all students. Students must have junior or senior standing (for transfer students, at least 15 hours completed at Westminster or permission of instructor), minimum 2.5 GPA, and consent of Program Chair and Career Center internship coordinator.