2013–2014 Neuroscience Courses


NEURO 401 Directed Studies in Neuroscience (1-4)
A tutorial-based course used only for student-initiated proposals for intensive individual study of topics not otherwise offered in the Neuroscience Program. Prerequisite: consent of instructor and school dean.
NEURO 409 Advanced Topics in Neuroscience (2)
This seminar style course examines current research at the intersection of psychology and neurobiology. A variety of topics (e.g., learning and memory, addiction) are explored across multiple levels of analysis, including molecular genetics, neurobiology, animal behavior, and human neuroimaging. Students are expected to propose novel research incorporating interdisciplinary methodology. Prerequisites: BIOL 204 (pre-2011: BIOL 105); PSYC 205, 390; or instructor permission.
NEURO 470 Neuroscience Senior Project I, II (2-2)
Senior Neuroscience students will conduct a year-long project incorporating knowledge accumulated across their course of study. This project may involve an independent research project under the advisement of a Westminster faculty member; substantial participation in an existing research project alongside a Westminster faculty member or member of an outside institution if applicable; or completion of a formal and substantial thesis-centered paper in an area related to the student’s future interests. Both research project options require completion of a paper detailing the study. The senior project requires that the student work closely with a faculty advisor to craft a project that is both sufficiently rigorous and practical. Requires completion of PSYC 390, senior standing, and instructor permission.