Grade Changes

Changes to final grades submitted to the Registrar’s Office are only made in the case of instructor error and require the signatures of the instructor, the dean of the appropriate school, and the Provost.
Grade Reports

Grade reports are available on WebAdvisor at the end of each semester or term. Individual course grade rosters are not posted. Students needing additional copies of grade reports for reimbursement programs or other verifications may obtain additional copies from the Registrar’s Office.
Credit/No Credit Option

Students may elect to take a maximum of two courses on a credit/no credit basis. However, students must earn passing letter grades in courses applied toward their majors or minors. Therefore, if a student chooses to elect credit/no credit on a course that is required in his or her major or minor, the student will need to repeat that course in a future semester. Courses offered only on a credit/no credit basis are excluded from these limitations.

Students who declare a major or minor in a given subject after having taken a course in that subject on a credit/no credit basis may be required by their major or minor department to retake the course for a letter grade.

Students who take courses credit/no credit must perform work at the level of C- or higher to receive credit. Grades of credit/no credit are not included in GPA calculations.