Auditing Courses

Students may elect to audit courses at Westminster according to the guidelines listed below. Courses that are entered on students’ permanent records as audited (AU) earn no credit and fulfill no requirements.

Regular Audit

Students may register for a regular audit (one-half of credit tuition) according to the following guidelines:
Subject to space availability, students may sign up to audit a class on the first day of class.
Only students accepted to Masters degree programs may audit graduate classes.

Alumni Audit

Students who graduated from Westminster and who are not currently pursuing a degree may register for an Alumni Audit ($125 per class, plus a $50 technology fee for Fall or Spring semesters) according to the following guidelines:

  1. Students must register through the Alumni Relations Office. Registrations accepted by the Alumni Office will be verified the first day of class and are subject to space availability. Alumni will not be added to waitlists when a course is considered full.
  2. Alumni Audit applications must be received within two business days before the first day of the semester.
  3. Students wishing to participate in the Alumni Audit program are required to adhere to all college deadlines for withdrawal and payment of tuition and fees. Students who fail to withdraw will be charged accordingly.
  4. Students currently pursuing a graduate degree may not participate in the Alumni Audit program for an undergraduate course while taking classes at the graduate level.
  5. Not all classes are eligible for Alumni Audits. For example, it is not possible to take music lessons or independent art courses at the Alumni Audit rate due to the costs of hiring instructors. Please contact the Alumni Office for eligible courses.
  6. It may be possible for students to audit graduate level courses. Please contact the Alumni Office to inquire about eligibility and availability.