Students Receiving Student Financial Aid Funds

The Financial Aid Office will utilize the College's Academic Standing Policy. In addition, full-time and part-time students must complete at least 70 percent of the semester credit hours for which they enrolled to be making satisfactory progress. Any class that appears on the academic transcript as "graded" will be counted toward total credit hours enrolled.

Transcript grades include the following:

A, A- (Excellent)   I (Incomplete)   CR (Credit)
B+, B, B- (Above Average)   T (Temporary)   NC (No Credit)
C+, C, C- (Average)   W (Withdrawn)   X (Repeat)
D+, D, D- (Poor)   WF (Withdrawn failing)   R (Repeated)
F (Failure)   UW (Unofficial withdrawal)   AU (Audit) [no credit]

The student must also maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0.

If satisfactory progress requirements are not met, the student will be determined ineligible to receive Title IV student financial aid funds.