Completing Two Majors

A major is an area of specialization within the degree. Students may complete more than one major at the same time but may not complete more than one degree at the same time. For a student completing two majors, or a major and minor, or any other combination of majors and minors, courses that are required for both majors/minors may be used to simultaneously fulfill requirements for both, but elective courses may be used in only one major or minor, unless a policy allowing double-counting of elective courses is stated in the catalog description of the major/minor. This is informally referred to as “double-dipping.”

Information about combining two Gore School of Business majors may be obtained from the Gore School of Business or the Office of the Registrar.

Students may choose two majors, one that leads to a B.A., and one that leads to a B.S., but may receive only one degree. The first-listed major on the graduation application determines the degree awarded.