College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP is a national program of examination to evaluate, confirm, and assess the academic achievement of individuals who have reached a college level of education through either traditional or non-traditional means of study.

Note: The CLEP program is currently under review by Westminster College faculty. Acceptance of CLEP testing for specific Westminster courses as listed below is subject to change. For a complete listing of currently honored CLEP examinations, please contact the START Center or the Registrar’s Office.

CLEP includes General Examinations in threcae basic liberal arts areas and Subject Examinations in widely-taught undergraduate courses.

Credit is not awarded if duplicated by previous coursework.

Important Note: The College Level Examination Program prohibits candidates from repeating a CLEP exam of the same title within six months. Scores of exams repeated earlier than six months will be cancelled and test fees forfeited.

CLEP candidates are awarded credit as follows:

General Examination (limit 25 credit hours)

Examination Credit LE Area Waived
Humanities 6 Humanities II: Literature
Arts II: Arts Survey
Natural Science 6 Science/Mathematics III: Life Sciences
Science/Mathematics II: Physical Sciences


Subject Examinations

For CLEP exams taken since June 2001, a minimum score of 50 is required. A higher score is required for the full 12 hours of Language credit. For more information about CLEP, contact the START Center at 801.832.2282.

CLEP Subject Examination Westminster Equivalent
American Government American Government
American Literature English elective – lower division
American History I Humanities I: History
American History II Humanities I: History
Analysis and Interpretation of Literature ENGL 220
Calculus with Elementary Functions MATH 201 and 202
College Algebra MATH 141
College Algebra/Trigonometry MATH 141 and 142
College French I and II FREN 110, 111 and 220
College German I and II LANG 100 (12 hours)
College Spanish I and II SPAN 110, 111 and 220
English Literature English elective – lower division
General Chemistry CHEM 111 and 112
General Biology Science/Mathematics III  
Introductory Accounting ACCT 213
Introductory Psychology PSYC 105
Introductory Sociology SOC 105
Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 253
Principles of Management MGMT 305
Principles of Marketing MKTG 300
Principles of Microeconomics ECON 263
Trigonometry MATH 142
Western Civilization I HIST 112
Western Civilization II HIST 113