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Early Stage Companies

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Alex Stein Design
Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Alex Stein
Launched in 2009
Number of Employees other than Owner: 1 to 5
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25,001-$50,000
Industry: Consumer Products & Services
Company Overview: In an attempt to fill a gap in the luxury market, Alex has focused on sterling silver, using gold and rhodium plating to enhance and reinforce the designs. With the skyrocketing price of metals, Alex Stein Design set out on a mission to bring fine jewelry to market at substantially lower prices than pieces made in gold. Avoiding cheap base metals, we use sterling silver to create timeless pieces with stones such as Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies and a variety of semi precious stones with brilliant cuts and clarity. Rhodium and gold plating give a luster that mimics platinum and gold, and mocks their prices without compromising quality. Our customer is every woman, and any man that might want to please her.
Major Accomplishments: In an effort to reduce waste and our footprint, we use mainly recycled silver, never mixing alloys. Environmentally friendly processes are incorporated into the production process, and wastes are recycled properly and without harm to our planet. We create designs with a strong commitment quality and practices of universally accepted and progressive labor and environmental conditions. Delivered with professionalism by backing our product with integrity.



Banks Pang Leota P.C.


Majority Owners:
David Pang
Spencer Banks           
Alema Leota
Westminster Alumni:
David Pang (’04) (’13)
Launched in  2012
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25,001-$50,000
Industry: Law Firm
Company Overview: Banks Pang Leota P.C. is a local law firm with focus in business and corporate law, contracts, regulatory compliance, employment law, family law, personal injury, and estate planning. Our firm's main objective is giving personal attention that gets results while protecting our clients’ interests.
Future Growth Plans: We continue to serve our clients and grow our client base each day. Banks Pang Leota P.C. works with a wide array of businesses, as well as individuals, representing their interests in legal and business matters.



Brighton Child Care


Majority Owners:
Chris Searle
Bill Novak
Westminster Alumni:
Chris Searle (‘93 BS) (‘10 MBA)
Launched in 2010
Number of Employees other than Owners: 4
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25,001-$50,000
Industry: Consumer Products & Services
Company Overview: Hourly child care for skiers. Located at Brighton Resort.
Future Growth Plans: Move to base of mountain.



Brody Leven


Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Brody Leven (’10)
Launched in 2010
Aprroximate Yearly Revenue: 0-$25,000
Industry: Media (athletics, writing)
Company Overview: Freelance adventure writer and professional skier traveling the world's mountains as an ambassador for some of the outdoor industry's best brands.
Future Growth Plans: Develop working relationships with further outdoor brands and extend sponsorships beyond outdoor industry. Write consistently for endemic and non-endemic outlets.           
Major Accomplishments: Developing a career as more than just a professional athlete or writer, but as a content-creating adventurer working closely to represent supporting brands.


Champion Startup
Majority Owners:
Benjamin Hughes
Thomas Lyon
Topher Ahlers
Westminster Alumni:
Benjamin Hughes (’09)
Launched in 2012
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25,001-$50,000
Industry: Business Products & Services (Design, branding, and marketing)
Company Overview: Champion Startup provides companies and professionals with affordable branding and modern marketing solutions. Through leading design and development methods, Champion Startup creates world-class results for: Logo Design, Branded Materials (business cards, letterhead, packaging, etc.), Websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Local Internet Marketing (LIM) needs. Our clients receive customized services and Startup Packages designed grow their business. With our experienced Startup Champion's (members of our team) directing up to 20+ graphic designers and the use of some of the leading design, development, and research software, you can expect world-class results at an affordable price from Champion Startup. As mentioned by the Graphic Artists Guild, you may pay anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 for a corporate logo at a traditional design firm and according to SEOmoz, a leading SEO intelligence company, SEO costs vary across countries, but $76-$200/hour (the USA has a majority in the $101-150 range) is most common. According to these statistics, for companies and professionals looking to grow their branding and modern marketing efforts, it can cost well beyond what Champion Startup charges for similar services. Additionally, the results from Champion Startup are often superior. For example, on our most recent logo design project, our client received, 175 logo designs from 21 designers all for under $1,000.
Future Growth Plans: Our future growth plans include: using various marketing and awareness methods to obtain a larger client base, further testing business model and refining services and pricing. Employ a few good people, see if business scalable and then approach other markets outside of Utah.


Cobalt Dental Insurance Advisors
Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Chris Taylor (’09)
Launched in 2010
Number of Employees other than Owner: 2
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25,001-$50,000
Industry: Business Products & Services       
Company Overview: Provide a professional business analysis of dental practices which provide net profit and income per hour for each third party dental plan they contract with (or might contract with). At this time, most dentists do not know how much money (if any) they make with each dental plan, even though 70-95% of their income comes directly from insurance reimbursement.
Future Growth Plans: Looking at possible partnerships with other dental service companies, including the Dental Cooperative, possibly as an "advisory service" or even in-house. Also want to expand service online for a monthly fee, which each practice can update themselves, allowing them to see real-time results from increase/decrease of fees to adding/dropping insurances. Also looking at negotiating with insurances for higher fees directly on behalf of dentists.
Major Accomplishments: Recently asked by the Utah Dental Association to write 2 articles for their Action magazine, and to present at the upcoming 2013 Utah Dental Convention. Have also spoken at 3 UDA District meetings and 2 additional Dental Study Groups.



Cow Harbor CrossFit


Majority Owners:
Thomas Paresi
Chad Dunsmore
Robert Meuser
Michael Paresi
Westminster Alumni:
Thomas Paresi  (’11)
Chad Dunsmore (’09)
Launched in 2012
Number of Employees other than Owners: 1
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $100,001-$500,000
Industry: Health & Fitness
Company Overview: Cow Harbor CrossFit offers the community of East Northport, NY just that, a sense of community. All of us here, both coaches and members, come together to support and encourage people to change their lives for the better, each and every day. We offer strength and conditioning classes, along with nutritional consultation, with the goal of forging a community of elite fitness.
Future Growth Plans: As we are halfway through our first year, we are looking to outgrow our current space (2000 square feet) and move into a larger facility (5000+ square feet).We are also growing our business to specialize in certain areas, such as kid's classes and sport specific training.
Major Accomplishments: Only 6 months in and we have a strong community of over 70 members!





Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Abby Speicher (’13)
Launched in 2012
Number of Employees other than Owner: 10 volunteers and 6 employees in Ghana
Approximate Yearly Revenue: 0- $25,000
Industry: Consumer Products & Services (Social enterprise)
Company Overview: Daakye sells purses and wallets handmade in Ghana, Africa. One purse funds one week of education for a child in Ghana. Daakye is creating jobs in Ghana for unemployed seamstresses, funding education for children, and creating advocates in the United States by allowing customers to get to know the kids that they are helping through pictures, videos, interviews, and yearly updates.
Future Growth Plans: We aim for Daakye to become a nationally known company that can continue to help people in Ghana. We will expand from the current community which we are helping by hiring more seamstresses and providing scholarships to more children as we sell more purses.
Major Accomplishments: Daakye won first place in the Social Category of Westminster's Opportunity Quest and second place in the General Category. Two months after Daakye's launch, Daakye was able to provide ten year long scholarships for children in Ghana. 





Major Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Pam Denicke (’95 and ’11)    
Launched in 2010                 
Approximate Yearly Revenue: 0- $25,000 
Industry: Education (and Non-profit)    
Company Overview: We provide a series of workshops to assist single parents in pursuing and completing higher education or a training program so that they may increase their earning power, become self-reliant, and leave the safety net programs in our community.      
Future Growth Plans: To replicate our programs in each state; to become a national organization.          
Major accomplishments: We are successful at connecting single parents to campus and community resources so they are able to return to or start higher education or a career/technical training program. Because of our programs/services we are assisting the state in reaching the Prosperity 2020 goal (having 55% of Utah's workforce with an Associate's degree or higher and 11% of the workforce with a career/technical certificate by the year 2020).  Pam was also invited to join the Women Education Initiative Advisory Committee. Additionally, she is sitting on the Board of the Women's Success Center Advisory Board. In November 2011, Pam was nominated for and the recipient of Channel 2 Mountain America Credit Union Pay It Forward.



 Four Seasons Nail Salon
Majority Owners:
Tram Vo-Smith
Thanh Vo
Westminster Alumni:
Tram Vo-Smith ('10)
Launched in 2014
Number of employees other than owner: 4
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $75,000-$100,000
Industry: Consumer Products and Services: Nail Salon
Company Overview: Four Seasons Nail Salon is an upscale salon in the central. downtown SLC. We are conveniently located near Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Smith's Marketplace, and many well-know restaurants and businesses. "You deserve the best," is our promise to our customers. We deliver our promise through providing excellent customer service, equipping the salon with state-of-the-art ventilation systems, spa chairs, and equipment, instilling effective and well-thought of processes to sanitize all tools and equipment, and selecting a wide variety of nail products and polishes. Most importantly, our owners are well-rounded with diverse experiences in the nail salon arena and business management.
Future Growth Plans: Our plan is build a strong customers base over the next 6 months through networking and exposure to potential customers. We want to partner up with other small businesses, local charities, and other organized groups to further grow our market. Once we have become more established, we want to explore the supply chain in this industry and become a vendor to other nail salons through cost effective supply chain management and negotiation skills.
Major Accomplishments: We have established our fan base on Facebook with many likes, positive reviews, and posts by clients, and other social media sites. Our revenue have grew 4-5x after one and half months.



Majority Owners:
Brian Brinkerhoff
Dan Stanford                         
Westminster Alumni:
Brian Brinkerhoff (’10)                      
Launched in 2001     
Number of employees other than owner: 2 employees      
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $500,001-$1,000,000        
Industry: IT Services
Company Overview: Our goal is to make your computer systems run smoothly – to simplify your IT, making it manageable and cost-effective. We can provide 24/7 monitoring, proactive maintenance, remote support and much more – anything that you require. When outsourcing with us information technology will not be a headache. Instead, you will rest assured your IT needs are taken care of so you can focus on what is most important to you, your business. For managed IT services in Utah, Frontpoint stands out among the rest. We plan on picking up 2 employees next year.    
Major Accomplishments: Doubled our revenue in two years.


 GlassView Media



Majority Owners:

Sumner Douglas

James Brooks

Westminster Alumni:

Summer Douglas (BS Finance & Business Management '06 & Master of Business Administration '09)





Launched in 2014

Number of employees other than owner: 5

Industry: Advertising & Marketing

Company Overview: GlassView is a digital advertising company specializing in viral video. More specifically, GlassView gets advertisers’ videos watched, engaged with and shared. GlassView cuts through the noise of the modern internet to help its clients—any businesses looking to stay on the cutting edge of online advertising—make the most of their marketing dollars by meeting and exceeding client target ROI on promotional video content.

Future Growth Plans: We plan to grow GlassView into a social video tech platform focused on performance of social video not just views. The industry is growing at breakneck speed, so future plans depend on the industry and what large brands want.

Major Accomplishments:

GlassView is guided by pre-eminent business leaders and industry veterans, including: Jim Porcarelli- MediaCom North America, co-founder Renaud Dutreil- LVMH North America, former Chairman Dennis Colon-Conde Nast, Executive Director of Revenue & Operations


Knudra Transgenics


Majority Owners:
Chris Hopkins
Lisa Ogden    
Trisha Brock   
Jonathan Baker       
Westminster Alumni:            
Chris Hopkins (’12)                    
Launched in 2009     
Number of Employees other than Owner: 2          
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $100,001-$500,000           
Industry: Medical (and Biotech)
Company Overview: Knudra is two companies based on the same core technology. Knudra Transgenics is a custom manufacturing service company bioengineering model organisms as research tools. Knudra Diagnostics discovers toxicology tools and platforms for use in pharmaceutical drug discovery.           
Future Growth Plans: Need new facilities and expanded business team.  
Major Accomplishments: Funded by NIH and NSF SBIR grants ($300 K). License technology from University of Utah. Submitted two patents. Product earnings nearly match grant revenue.



Ledge Pants


Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Peter Kirk (Current Student)
Launched in 2013
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25,001-$50,000
Industry: Consumer Products & Services
Company Overview: Ledge Pants offers versatile clothing that requires little care. By using innovative textiles, we have created pants that appear to be chinos, but are stainproof and water resistant. Not only that, they stretch, breathe and are made sustainably in Seattle, Washington. Our mission is to promote versatility through design. By combining minimalist design with high-performance fabrics, we can create clothing that transitions between work and play seamlessly.
Future Growth Plans: We will be expanding into women’s sizing within the month, potentially developing a women’s-specific sub-brand. There are plans to use other fabrics and colors for pants, offering a few different price levels and choices. People have expressed interest in jackets and shirts, but that has yet to begin to take shape.
Major Accomplishments: Currently, our Kickstarter campaign is far ahead of funding schedule, passing $13,000 in two weeks with no paid advertising. The manufacturer that we have secured has 27 years of experience with Nordstrom's, and decades more with companies like K2, and Jansport. We have been featured on a range of websites, some of which include: Design Taxi, InStash, and Dude I Want That.



MARV Entertainment 


Majority Owners:
Gabriel Veenendaal
Todd Maetani
Westminster Alumni:
Gabriel Veenendaal  ('10)
Launched in 2012
Number of Employees other than Owners: 1
Approximate Yearly Revenue: 0- $25,000
Industry: Media (and Entertainment)
Company Overview: MARV Entertainment, LLC is a professional media development and production company offering services in film, television, and interactive video production. MARV Entertainment’s primary objective is to provide entertaining media in all its forms, at the highest level. We believe this is achieved through captivating forms of storytelling.
Future Growth Plans: Our goal is to become a healthy, successful and recognized company in media content creation in the film, television, and video industries and their respective segments. Our primary objective to achieve this goal is to create positive ROI for investors, clients, and viewers. Additionally, we strive to be acknowledged as an industry leader by achieving critical acclaim and industry recognition by contemporaries.
Major Accomplishments: Currently developing two feature films: - Training Wheels for Lemons   - My Little War in Juarez . Gabriel just finished production on a feature film starring Anthony Michael Hall titled "Friend Request" slated for release in Spring 2013.  34th Annual Telly Award Winner in 2012 for a short film produced for 'The Bicycle Collective" a non-profit agency in Salt Lake City.



Merecoba Travel


Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Baptiste Prevot (’10)
Launched in 2010
Approximate Yearly Revenue: 0-$25,000
Industry: Travel
Company Overview: Merecoba is unique. We specialize in France education tours, vacation tours, and France vacation planning and travel consulting. Unlike other travel companies offering years of travel experience, Merecoba’s founders offer a lifetime of living in France and travel knowledge, including extensive, unique travel planning for the experienced as well as novice traveler. Merecoba offers the very best value for your travels in France. In addition to small-group vacation tours, Merecoba is the leader for MBA group travel in France. Each year, dozens of MBA candidates participate in Merecoba’s MBA France tours and discover why France continues to be one the world's leading economic, trade, and diplomatic powers. Merecoba also provides outstanding undergraduate educational experiences.
Future Growth Plans: Expand to other Graduate Business Programs in the USA as well as expand to other European countries.
Major Accomplishments: Merecoba Travel has no debt and generated revenue its first year.





Moreton Financial Solutions


Majority Owners:
Jason Williams
Andy Robbins
Jordan Hansen
Westminster Alumni:
Jordan Hansen (’12)
Launched in 2012
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $100,001-$500,000
Industry: Financial Services
Company Overview: Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Moreton Financial Solutions (MFS) provides investment advisory services for corporations, municipalities, non-profits, credit unions, hospitals, and insurance companies. Although we serve all institutional clients, our primary focus of business and largest potential growth area is currently in the municipal and credit union market. MFS helps institutional customers that carry large cash balances to protect, keep liquid, and earn interest on their cash. Our firm specializes in structuring fixed income portfolios that are tailored to meet the specific liquidity and diversification needs of our clients. By leveraging technology and employing portfolio managers with unique expertise, MFS has built a fixed income portfolio management operation that addresses the specific investment and regulatory requirements of municipalities and credit unions. These industries are currently under served by local financial institutions and investment options are limited. By combining specialized fixed-income regulatory reporting with sophisticated fixed income management expertise, our firm is positioned to grab market share in this special niche market.
Future Growth Plans: A key strength our firm is its ability to handle large increases in Assets Under Management (AUM) without having to increase the underlying number of employees. The three employees should be able to handle an increase of AUM up to around $500 Million. At that point, the firm will likely add a fourth portfolio manager that should be sufficient up to $1 Billion. Our firm's goal is to reach $250 million in AUM within 3 years and $500 million in 5 years.
Major Accomplishments: Our firm began producing revenue within the second month of operations. We have had consistent positive month over month growth since inception.







Majority Owners:
Chad Reinertson
Jeff Bischoff
Dallas Eichers
Spencer Luzak
Vladimir Shnayderman
Westminster Alumni:
            Chad Reinertson (’11)
            Jeff Bischoff (’11)
            Dallas Eichers (’11)
Launched in 2010
Number of Employees other than Owners: 3
Approximate Yearly Revenue: 0- $25,000
Industry: Consumer Products & Services
Company Overview:  NaturelEyes™ is a unique cosmetic beauty base used as part of your regular daily skin care regimen.  Made from active and natural ingredients, NaturelEyes restores your skin’s youthful radiance and healthy tone.  The unique formula quickly reduces fine lines and tightens your skin to diminish wrinkles, providing a better looking base for makeup.  NaturelEyes is a very unique product and unlike other cosmetic and wrinkle products.  First, it’s not a cream.  The light clear formula goes on smooth and works quickly, leaving the skin feeling refreshed.  This everyday cosmetic base is portable, fast acting, and effective at diminishing wrinkles.  NaturelEyes is an innovative new treatment that conceals and reduces wrinkles while restoring natural skin radiance in a matter of minutes.
Future Growth Plans: NaturelEyes has developed a multi-level marketing strategy to reach our customers through various channels. We have just signed an international distribution agreement and working on expanding to the UK. Locally we joint market with spas, salons, expos, businesses, and community events. Nationally we are working to build affiliate marketing and promotions across the country. We are able to reach every major market across the US now as a result of our affiliate partners.
Major Accomplishment: NaturelEyes was featured in Utah Business, included in the Sundance Film Festival celebrity swag bags, worked with national charity organizations such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation and also been featured on several morning news shows.


Propel, Inc
Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
David Mead (’11)
Launched in 2010
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $75,001-$100,000
Industry: Business Products & Services
Company Overview: Companies that focus on a greater purpose or ideal generate 400% more profit than companies that focus on the bottom line. Not only are profits affected by a "Why" (the reason the company exists), but the culture of those companies makes them great places to work. I help companies find and articulate their Why so they can become the kind of places where people come to work because they want to, not because they have to.
Future Growth Plans: I plan to extend my services to include more workshops and consulting services so I can help companies successfully implement ideas into their cultures.





Rainmaker Management Group


Majority Owners:
Jason Badell
Brad Davis
Robb Baumann
Lance Heaton
Westminster Alumni:
Jason Badell (’11)
Launched in 2011
Number of Employees other than Owners: 5
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $500,001-$1,000,000
Industry: Advertising & Marketing
Company Overview: RMG is a leader in providing sponsorship sales, promotional and marketing collateral, as well as entertainment and political event production. Based in Salt Lake City Utah, RMG has successfully connected Utah businesses with their customers for over 20 years. RMG has extensive experience in brand development and marketing, including overseas production to accommodate large scale marketing campaigns. We have sold sponsorship packages for many sports teams, placed advertisements in stadiums and arenas and represented the marketing efforts of Fortune 500 companies in Utah and the western United States. RMG consults with businesses on brand development and product placement. We bridge the small business with large market venues creating advertising opportunities previously out of reach.    RMG is locally owned by a partnership with vast experience in, and love of, sports, media and brand promotional management. RMG has been building its client list and industry acumen to become a market leader focused on honest representation, brand creativity and strategic relationships.
Major Accomplishments: We are the agency of record for the Utah Blaze Arena Football team for all their marketing and sponsorship management. Official Licensed Promotional & Sports Vendor: RSL Soccer and Major League Soccer, BYU, University of Utah, Utah State, Utah Blaze and AFL, Ute Conference Football.  Other clients include; USA Volleyball, Adobe, Red Touch Media, Mountain America Credit Union, Utah Marathon, National Golden Gloves of America, Synergy, LHDC Clothing, Salt Lake Comic Con, Merit Medical, Utah Youth Soccer Association and many more.





Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
David Jed Squires                                                                              
Launched in 2012
Approximate Yearly Revenue: 0- $25,000
Industry: Health & Fitness
Company Overview: RECORD BREAKING FITNESS is a company dedicated to helping people achieve their personal best. Here is our mission statement:    Record Breaking Fitness is dedicated to helping others discover and achieve their personal best. We believe this is a life-long pursuit and that the process of striving toward the goal, not the goal itself, is the true reward.
Future Growth Plans: Further develop programming for other fitness professionals to utilize.



Resilient Body Nutrition


Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Kate Dowden, RN BSN ‘08
Instagram: @resilientbodynutrition
Launched in 2014
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25,001-$50,000
Industry: Health & Fitness
Overview: Resilient Body Nutrition incorporates over 50 years of research regarding the benefits of whole plant based food into a fun, hands-on skill oriented educational experience. Focused on simple skills and plant based nutrition education Resilient Body Nutrition's services include private consulting, corporate lunch and learn, 6 week immersion course and private parties. Eating healthfully is the best medicine, Nurse Kate makes it easy to digest.
Future Growth Plans: Resilient Body Nutrition would like to first establish a presence of integrity, trust and respect in the Salt Lake area. Multiple other services and local collaborations to increase the reach of the whole plant based food message are in the works with the goal of an eventual franchise operation to further increase and widen the platform.



Torq Motorsports LLC



Majority Owners:
Jim Jackson
Carrie Jackson
Jodi Vawdrey
Darin Vawdrey
Westminster Alumni:
Jim Jackson (’12)
Launced in 2012
Number of Employees other than Owners: 3
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25,001-$50,000
Industry: Manufacturing
Company Overview: We design, engineer, and manufacture high performance axle assemblies for automotive racing.
Future Growth Plans: We are currently focused on the light truck aftermarket with expansion plans trending towards the power sport and defense markets.
Major Accomplishment: We won the Impact Award in the TechTitan category at the University of Utah in 2011. We hope to add more accolades as we set to launch November 2012.


Utah Travel Connection
Majority Owners:
Chris Searle
Liliana Casale 
Westminster Alumni:
Chris Searle (BS ’93) (MBA ’10)
Launched in 2000
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $100,001-$500,000
Industry: Travel        
Company Overview: Bring foreign student groups to Utah for ski programs. Sell vacation packages to direct customers. Sell lift tickers on-line.
Future Growth Plans: Target new markets for student groups. Marketing efforts to attract more direct customers. Increase on-line lift ticket offerings.

Wynbi, Inc.
Majority Owners:
  • Brody SaundersJohn McMillian
Westminster Alumni:
Lee Payne (MBATM ’03)
Launched in 2013
Number of employees other than owner: 12
Industry: Software:/Social Media     
Company OverviewWynbi is a private social network that is the first to offer a single platform to manage both your personal and professional online presence. Our commitment to privacy means we don't mine or sell our users information, meaning no advertisements or other disruptive content clutters your Wynbi experience.