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Consumer Products & Services

Consumer Products & Services

Start ups:
Majority Owners:
Jason Knott    
Sebastian Hooker       
Justin Donohoo                      
Westminster Alumni:
Jason Knott (’10)       
Sebastian Hooker (current student)                           
Launched in 2012      
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25,001-$50,000
Number of Employees other than Owners: 1      
Industry: Consumer Products & Services     
Company Overview: Despite the severe consequences of driving under the influence, DUI's still occur far too often. One of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that patrons simply do not know when they are too intoxicated to drive. Everyone processes alcohol differently, and there are no universal standards to predict someone's blood alcohol content. BreathAdvisor™ eliminates the unknown factor and provides an accurate measurement, every time. BreathAdvisor™ has created a cutting-edge touchscreen kiosk housing law enforcement grade fuel cell breathalyzers to provide a blood alcohol content reading accurate to +/- 0.005. The kiosks even have the ability to connect with local transportation companies to provide patrons a fast and easy way to get a ride home.    Our company installs and maintains kiosks at no charge to venue owners. Once the kiosk is installed, any patron can get an accurate, anonymous breathalyzer reading of their current blood alcohol content for a small fee. We also offer interactive advertising services to companies wishing to show their support for responsible drinking.    BreathAdvisor™ strives to reduce DUI related incidents by providing customers with an anonymous, accurate B.A.C. reading and, if necessary, a safe option to get home.           
Future Growth Plans: We have begun production of our first 10 kiosks and plan to implement them around Salt Lake City, Utah in early November 2012. We plan to begin our national expansion phase early next year.           
Major Accomplishments: Finalized the first kiosk in July, 2012. We have been endorsed by a publicly traded company (LifeLoc Technologies, Colorado). We were featured on CityWeekly and various kiosk news sites.


Inside & Out Cosmetics
(801) 520-6864
Majority Owners:
Caitlin Jolley, President
Caroline King, VP
Mark Valentine, VP
Westminster Alumni:
Caitlin Jolley (’13)
Launched in 2012
Approximate Yearly Revenue: 0-$25,000
Number of Employees other than Owners: 1 
Industry: Consumer Products & Services
Company Overview: We believe beauty is more than skin deep. That's why we offer a range of USDA certified organic cosmetics in recycled packaging, and donate a portion of every purchase to organizations that serve to empower women. Proving true beauty is on the inside and out.
Future Growth Plans: We currently offer lipsticks and lipglosses through our online retail store. We plan to expand in two ways. First by offering a full line of products including foundation, eye shadow and mascara. Second, we will expand our products availability by selling them through spas, salons, and other makeup retailers.
Major Accomplishments: GreenTitans, 1st place winner, 2011  Opportunity Quest, 1st place winner in two categories, 2012.


Royal Snowboards
Majority Owners and Westminster Alumni:
Andrew Follett
Ryan Sollars
Launched in 2012
Number of Employees other than Owners: 1
Approximate Yearly Revenue: 0- $25,000
Industry: Consumer Products & Services
Company Overview: We are committed to providing the best quality custom snowboards to the everyday rider. Build your snowboard the way you want it!. Semi-custom models start at $549, and full-custom start at $749.   Royal Snowboards exists to give riders exactly what they want. Our custom board line can create anything you dream up. We also carry production models created from our in-house prototypes. We use the highest quality materials and individually handcraft every snowboard. All Royal Snowboards are "Made in the USA." Royal Snowboards are designed, built, and tested in the Wasatch backcountry and on the trails & terrain parks of Utah resorts.
Future Growth Plans: Right now we are focusing on growing our internet sales and presence. Early 2013 we will start meeting with local boutique shops to get orders to deliver to stores by fall. We are also working on growing our apparel side of the business. This will help stabilize revenue year round and increase our brand awareness.
Major Accomplishments: Just received our industrial press and have learned how to make our boards locally in Utah! We also source all work within the U.S.A. and we only sell American made apparel. 


Sugar Doodle Kids
Majority Owners:
Nick Whatcott
Janessa Whatcott
Gary Whatcott
Westmisnter Alumni:
Nick Whatcott  (‘14)
Launched in 2012
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25,001-$50,000
Industry: Consumer Products & Services
Company Overview: Sugar Doodle Kids is a children’s sleepwear company, but we aren’t your typical children’s pajama company. Designing and creating our pajamas is a fun, interactive, and hands on approach with children and artists. Our pajamas are designed based on the creations of children and artists that submit their designs to us via our website during our Sugar Doodle Kids themed design competitions. We then post the top designs on our website, which are voted on by our online community through our website, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Once these designs have been voted on we then take the top designs based on category submissions, and put them into manufacturing and sell our pajamas to the world.   We pay our designers, children and artists, a reward for their work and that reward could be anywhere from cash to a college scholarship. Our motivation; for every pair of pajamas that is purchased we give a meal to a hungry child in need. Because No Child Should Ever Go To Bed Hungry, and we believe that every child should Dream In Comfort.
Future Growth Plans: We have just become partners with the Utah Food Bank and participated in our first packaging of their Back Pack program for children. We plan on working with other international hunger groups and adding additional products besides pajamas that deal with putting children to bed.
Major Accomplishments: We won the Impact Award in the TechTitan category at the University of Utah in 2011. We hope to add more accolades as we set to launch November 2012.


Early Stage:
Alex Stein Design
Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Alex Stein
Launched in 2009
Number of Employees other than Owner: 1 to 5
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25,001-$50,000
Industry: Consumer Products & Services
Company Overview: In an attempt to fill a gap in the luxury market, Alex has focused on sterling silver, using gold and rhodium plating to enhance and reinforce the designs. With the skyrocketing price of metals, Alex Stein Design set out on a mission to bring fine jewelry to market at substantially lower prices than pieces made in gold. Avoiding cheap base metals, we use sterling silver to create timeless pieces with stones such as Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies and a variety of semi precious stones with brilliant cuts and clarity. Rhodium and gold plating give a luster that mimics platinum and gold, and mocks their prices without compromising quality. Our customer is every woman, and any man that might want to please her.
Major Accomplishments: In an effort to reduce waste and our footprint, we use mainly recycled silver, never mixing alloys. Environmentally friendly processes are incorporated into the production process, and wastes are recycled properly and without harm to our planet. We create designs with a strong commitment quality and practices of universally accepted and progressive labor and environmental conditions. Delivered with professionalism by backing our product with integrity.


Brighton Child Care
Majority Owners:
Chris Searle
Bill Novak
Westminster Alumni:
Chris Searle (‘93 BS) (‘10 MBA)
Launched in 2010
Number of Employees other than Owners: 4
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25,001-$50,000
Industry: Consumer Products & Services
Company Overview: Hourly child care for skiers. Located at Brighton Resort.
Future Growth Plans: Move to base of mountain.


Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Abby Speicher (’13)
Launched in 2012
Number of Employees other than Owner: 10 volunteers and 6 employees in Ghana
Approximate Yearly Revenue: 0- $25,000
Industry: Consumer Products & Services (Social enterprise)
Company Overview: Daakye sells purses and wallets handmade in Ghana, Africa. One purse funds one week of education for a child in Ghana. Daakye is creating jobs in Ghana for unemployed seamstresses, funding education for children, and creating advocates in the United States by allowing customers to get to know the kids that they are helping through pictures, videos, interviews, and yearly updates.
Future Growth Plans: We aim for Daakye to become a nationally known company that can continue to help people in Ghana. We will expand from the current community which we are helping by hiring more seamstresses and providing scholarships to more children as we sell more purses.
Major Accomplishments: Daakye won first place in the Social Category of Westminster's Opportunity Quest and second place in the General Category. Two months after Daakye's launch, Daakye was able to provide ten year long scholarships for children in Ghana.


 Four Seasons Nail Salon



Majority Owners:

Tram Vo-Smith

Thanh Vo

Westminster Alumni:

Tram Vo-Smith ('10)






Launched in 2014

Number of employees other than owner: 4

Approximate Yearly Revenue: $75,000-$100,000

Industry: Consumer Products and Services: Nail Salon

Company Overview: Four Seasons Nail Salon is an upscale salon in the central. downtown SLC. We are conveniently located near Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Smith's Marketplace, and many well-know restaurants and businesses. "You deserve the best," is our promise to our customers. We deliver our promise through providing excellent customer service, equipping the salon with state-of-the-art ventilation systems, spa chairs, and equipment, instilling effective and well-thought of processes to sanitize all tools and equipment, and selecting a wide variety of nail products and polishes. Most importantly, our owners are well-rounded with diverse experiences in the nail salon arena and business management.

Future Growth Plans: Our plan is build a strong customers base over the next 6 months through networking and exposure to potential customers. We want to partner up with other small businesses, local charities, and other organized groups to further grow our market. Once we have become more established, we want to explore the supply chain in this industry and become a vendor to other nail salons through cost effective supply chain management and negotiation skills.

Major Accomplishments: We have established our fan base on Facebook with many likes, positive reviews, and posts by clients, and other social media sites. Our revenue have grew 4-5x after one and half months.


Majority Owners:
Chad Reinertson
Jeff Bischoff
Dallas Eichers
Spencer Luzak
Vladimir Shnayderman
Westminster Alumni:
            Chad Reinertson (’11)
            Jeff Bischoff (’11)
            Dallas Eichers (’11)
Launched in 2010
Number of Employees other than Owners: 3
Approximate Yearly Revenue: 0- $25,000
Industry: Consumer Products & Services
Company Overview: NaturelEyes™ is a unique cosmetic beauty base used as part of your regular daily skin care regimen.  Made from active and natural ingredients, NaturelEyes restores your skin’s youthful radiance and healthy tone.  The unique formula quickly reduces fine lines and tightens your skin to diminish wrinkles, providing a better looking base for makeup.  NaturelEyes is a very unique product and unlike other cosmetic and wrinkle products.  First, it’s not a cream.  The light clear formula goes on smooth and works quickly, leaving the skin feeling refreshed.  This everyday cosmetic base is portable, fast acting, and effective at diminishing wrinkles.  NaturelEyes is an innovative new treatment that conceals and reduces wrinkles while restoring natural skin radiance in a matter of minutes.

Future Growth Plans: NaturelEyes has developed a multi-level marketing strategy to reach our customers through various channels. We have just signed an international distribution agreement and working on expanding to the UK. Locally we joint market with spas, salons, expos, businesses, and community events. Nationally we are working to build affiliate marketing and promotions across the country. We are able to reach every major market across the US now as a result of our affiliate partners.
Major Accomplishment: NaturelEyes was featured in Utah Business, included in the Sundance Film Festival celebrity swag bags, worked with national charity organizations such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation and also been featured on several morning news shows.
Ledge Pants
Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Peter Kirk (Current Student)
Launched in 2013
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25,001-$50,000
Industry: Consumer Products & Services
Company Overview: Ledge Pants offers versatile clothing that requires little care. By using innovative textiles, we have created pants that appear to be chinos, but are stainproof and water resistant. Not only that, they stretch, breathe and are made sustainably in Seattle, Washington. Our mission is to promote versatility through design. By combining minimalist design with high-performance fabrics, we can create clothing that transitions between work and play seamlessly.
Future Growth Plans: We will be expanding into women’s sizing within the month, potentially developing a women’s-specific sub-brand. There are plans to use other fabrics and colors for pants, offering a few different price levels and choices. People have expressed interest in jackets and shirts, but that has yet to begin to take shape.
Major Accomplishments: Currently, our Kickstarter campaign is far ahead of funding schedule, passing $13,000 in two weeks with no paid advertising. The manufacturer that we have secured has 27 years of experience with Nordstrom's, and decades more with companies like K2, and Jansport. We have been featured on a range of websites, some of which include: Design Taxi, InStash, and Dude I Want That.


Latitude Marketing Group
Majority Owners and Westminster Alumni:
Osmond Seangsuwan (’08)
Rob Wintle (’08)
Launched in 2005
Number of Employees other than Owners: 48      
Approximate Yearly Revenue: 1,000,001+
Industry: Consumer Products & Services
Company Overview: Our main product has been Dish Network; however, we have strategically been increasing our DirecTV and Home Security sales each month to ensure that we are not fully dependent on just one product. We have also included additional home services such as internet, phone and cable. To monetize on each lead, we have also partnered up with a national credit repair company to ensure that those people that don’t qualify for our products and services have an opportunity to get something in the near future. With those products on hand for us to offer, we have the ability to take advantage of every inbound and outbound sale. We are currently installing over 20% of our inbound leads and working to increase that each day. Our agents know and understand that they should be qualifying every call that comes into the sales floor. Our product base, as well as future products to come are endless. We have simply created the ultimate sales and processing floor. There are currently other products we are researching.
Future Growth Plans: Our goal has simply to diversify our marketing, build long term relationships with companies that have had success in their own marketing mediums and take care of them with high close ratios, healthy commissions and constant feedback and communication. By doing so, we have done what other companies couldn’t do. We know that we are only good at certain marketing niches, while others are proficient at others. Partnering up with them has allowed us to be well diversified and secure in our growth model. As we look to increase our efficiencies within our own sales floors and increase customer satisfaction, we believe that our production and close rations will increase, as well as our commissions from Dish Network and DirecTV. Dish Network and DirecTV have already committed to paying us additional commissions for the months of April through August for the good performance we have shown to them. With our current and future sales strategy, we are poised for increased numbers and revenues.


Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Jeff Bischoff (MBA ’11)
Launched in 2011
Number of Employees other than Owner: 2
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25,001-$50,000
Industry: Consumer Products & Services
Company Overview: Massox™ is a sock manufacturer that combines therapeutic Asian well-being with classic American style. Massox is initially launching men’s designer dress socks that contain patented therapeutic, acupressure massagers on the inside surface of the sock. Scientific evidence proves that acupressure therapy can help maintain and improve overall health and vitality.
Future Growth Plans: Massox will be launching a both an athletic and womens line at the beginning of 2013.
Major Accomplishments: Winner of the Westminster Opportunity Quest Competition. Winner of the UES Best Business Plan & Best Brand Awards.


Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Jeffrey Wright (’12)
Launched in 2008
Number of Employees other than Owner: 2
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $100,001-$500,000
Industry: Consumer Products & Services
Company Overview: Welcome to MyCostumeWigs.com, where you can find one of the largest collections of high-quality costume wigs available anywhere on the web. We have the best prices and fastest shipping in the industry. We offer free shipping for any order over $50 and we accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. Each of our hundreds of wigs is adjustable with either a strap or an elastic band, so there's no need to worry about pesky sizing information. All of our products are made of either high quality synthetic fiber or human hair in order to provide the most true-to-character look possible. No matter what your faux hair needs may be, We are the gold standard source. Our products are great for Halloween, theater productions, parties and everything in between. Welcome to MyCostumeWigs.com, where your wig is our command.
Future Growth Plans: Growth model with a sales increase of 25% for the next 5 years. Ready to launch additional sites catering to different customers in the same Niche space.
Major Accomplishments: Aquired the business from previous owner based out of New York City. Utilized Westminster network to secure funding to adquire business. Using Westminster MBA to continue to grow the business.