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Far From Home  


Majority Owners and Westminster Alumni:
Philip Hessler (’15)
Galen Knowles (’15)
Brolin Mawejje (’15)
Instagram: farfromhomemovie
Launched in 2012
Number of Employees other than Owners: 10
Approximate Yearly Revenue: Pre-revenue
Industry: Media & Video Production
Company Overview: Chair 83 Productions was established to create a documentary chronicling the inspirational story of Brolin Mawejje. Coming from humble beginnings in Uganda, Brolin was fortunate enough to find his way to America as a 12 year old. But his initial move to Massachussetts revealed it's own set of adversities. Brolin struggled to find his path in an unfamiliar culture and battled depression, abandonment, and anger. It was not until Brolin found snowboard that the doors of life started to open. Currently a pre-med student at Westminster College, Brolin is well on track to becoming an orthopedic. He also has dreams to become the first Ugandan to snowboard in the Winter Olympics.
Future Growth Plans: As Brolin's story continues to grow so does our project. What started as just an idea has grown into a life changing experience for Brolin and the whole Far From Home team. The past is written but we are in the middle of what could become one of the greatest underdog stories of all time. We will document Brolin's future as it happens, but retrace his journey starting in Uganda to tell his past. As the story unfolds, the project grows bigger and bigger. Brolin's story truly has the power to inspire anyone facing challenges in their own life. The imagery and contrast that this journey contains will reach into the eharts of an audience worldwide and empower anyone to pursue their dreams.
Major Accomplishments: Our biggest milestone thus has far has been the launch party we hosted in the Gore Auditorium on Westminster campus on March 22nd. We pushed the capacity of the auditorium as all seats were filled and people lined the stairs to get a first look at Far From Home. We had a great group of sponsors there including Redbull, Saga, Discrete, JibBrand, and the Utah Film Commission. We could not have asked for a better turnout and this event was a testament to all the progress we made this year.

Early Stage:



MARV Entertainment 


Majority Owners:
Gabriel Veenendaal
Todd Maetani
Westminster Alumni:
Gabriel Veenendaal  ('10)
Launched in 2012
Number of Employees other than Owners: 1
Approximate Yearly Revenue: 0- $25,000
Industry: Media (and Entertainment)
Company Overview: MARV Entertainment, LLC is a professional media development and production company offering services in film, television, and interactive video production. MARV Entertainment’s primary objective is to provide entertaining media in all its forms, at the highest level. We believe this is achieved through captivating forms of storytelling.
Future Growth Plans: Our goal is to become a healthy, successful and recognized company in media content creation in the film, television, and video industries and their respective segments. Our primary objective to achieve this goal is to create positive ROI for investors, clients, and viewers. Additionally, we strive to be acknowledged as an industry leader by achieving critical acclaim and industry recognition by contemporaries.
Major Accomplishments: Currently developing two feature films: - Training Wheels for Lemons   - My Little War in Juarez . Gabriel just finished production on a feature film starring Anthony Michael Hall titled "Friend Request" slated for release in Spring 2013.  34th Annual Telly Award Winner in 2012 for a short film produced for 'The Bicycle Collective" a non-profit agency in Salt Lake City.

Brody Leven



Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:

              Brody Leven (’10)






Launched in 2010

Aprroximate Yearly Revenue: 0-$25,000

Industry: Media (athletics, writing)

Company Overview: Freelance adventure writer and professional skier traveling the world's mountains as an ambassador for some of the outdoor industry's best brands.

Future Growth Plans: Develop working relationships with further outdoor brands and extend sponsorships beyond outdoor industry. Write consistently for endemic and non-endemic outlets.   Major Accomplishments: Developing a career as more than just a professional athlete or writer, but as a content-creating adventurer working closely to represent supporting brands.