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Start Ups:
Chaos Buffalo Games 
Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Jacob Kovac ‘12
Launched in 2013
Approximate Yearly Revenue: Pre-revenue
Industry: Software
Company Overview: Chaos Buffalo Games is a video game development studio with a focus on creating cross-platform multitouch games and tools for game development. We believe there is a growing accessibility issue in the market for game development tools resulting from recent trends in hardware and the growth of new operating systems. Most game development tools currently run only on Windows or OSX with plans only to allow their developers to target Android and iOS devices for their finished products. With emerging markets and younger generations prefering tablet and smartphones to the traditional setup, it is imperative to create tools that allow potential artists and developers to take advice of the power of these devices. Our mission is to “give our customers the power to develop and share games for any platform, on any platform.” The custom, open-source technology stack underlying everything we do allows us to quickly and painlessly build software for nearly every combination of hardware, software, and input devices out there. Whether it is a Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, or iOS device using any combination of input types: mouse, keyboard, gamepad, touchscreen, or motion sensors like the Microsoft Kinect. We firmly believe that anyone with a computer should have the power to create and express themselves, regardless of that computer's hardware and OS, and our game engine is the first game engine built from the ground up with development on mobile and desktop platforms in mind.
Future Growth Plans: Chaos Buffalo Games is currently developing the first game to use our inhouse engine, 'You're the Captain of a Spaceship', a game about exploration, interstellar trade, and piracy heavily inspired by the Age of Discovery. The game is currently planned for release 3rd quarter 2014, with a paid beta beginning earlier in the year.
Major Accomplishments: Our game engine, began in April of 2013, currently clocks in at over 12,000 lines of code representing ~3 years worth of development time using the COCOMO model.
Cranium Café    
Majority Owners:
Tracy Diven (CEO)
Michael Gorham (CTO)
Greg Diven (COO)
Westminster Alumni:
Tracy Diven (’11)
Launched in 2012
Number of Employees other than Owners: 3
Approximate Yearly Revenue: Pre-revenue
Industry: Software & Education      
Company Overview: The Cafe© is an educational technology tool and collaborative learning suite that is used by teachers, tutors, and students. The collaboration suite is an interactive whiteboard with streaming video and audio. The educational software activates the user’s webcam and shared whiteboard for live discussions between students and teachers and/or students to student communication for project and assignment collaborations. Students and teachers access The Cafe© through their school’s Learning Management System (LMS) such as Instructure’s Canvas LMS. Cranium Cafe’s interactive learning whiteboard is more then a learning website, it allows relationship building between teachers and students and peer-to-peer. The Cranium Cafe one-on-one online collaboration tool contributes to increased academic achievements, graduation goals, and academic enrollment.  
Future Growth Plans: Cranium Cafe is already positioned to offer The Cafe communications platform and the Cafe Scheduler for private companies. We will install our software into their client management system (CMS) so they can communicate with customers on a global scale. We have also begun to develop this software into a micro enterprise system which will be a knowledge marketplace. The micro enterprise system will allow individuals their own cafe and profile for their virtual storefront. They can set their hourly rate and share their knowledge and receive payment for their one-one-one knowledge sharing.
Major Accomplishments: This is Tracy Diven's third business. The first is Photoge, a photo simulations company that simulates the end construction of cellular tower. The second company is Photoge Designs that specializes in web site development, branding, and print design. For Michael Gorham, this is also his third tech company. And, this is Greg Diven's fourth company. Also, we have built this software with pure sweat equity. We have not taken any funding and we own the company solely.


Envision Progress
Majority Owners and Westminster Alumni:
Cameron Dansie (’11)
Adam Hasebi (’12)
Launched in 2012
Approximate Yearly Revenue: Pre-revenue
Industry: Software
Company Overview: Envision Progress provides easy and effective ways to train your new team members and ensures your team is constantly learning, sharing, and progressing. Our collaborative team training software creates structure, improves efficiency, sets clear company expectations, and allows specific on-the-job training and communication.
-Why Envision Progress: -Cloud-based application -Easy to deploy   -Simple pricing with no headaches   -No need for IT specialists
-Benefits: -Provide better new hire training  -Create team efficiencies   -Centralize your team training experience
- Features: -upload, and play videos -Share training materials and documents -Ask questions. Get answers. -Take assessments and get feedback -Fill your calendars with videos, training, and documents.
Future Growth Plans: Planning on January 2013 launch date!


Early Stage:

Wynbi, Inc.



Majority Owners:

Brody Saunders

John McMillian

Westminster Alumni:

Lee Payne (MBATM ’03)


Launched in 2013

Number of employees other than owner: 12

Industry: Software:/Social Media     

Company OverviewWynbi is a private social network that is the first to offer a single platform to manage both your personal and professional online presence. Our commitment to privacy means we don't mine or sell our users information, meaning no advertisements or other disruptive content clutters your Wynbi experience.