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Mission & Vision


Westminster Entrepreneurship Club is dedicated to increase its members' awareness of emerging global socio-economic issues; build an open-minded and tolerant student community; motivate and empower Westminster College students to continue their professional business activities; and lead by ethical values, which contribute to the development of a sustainable global community.


Westminster Entrepreneurship Club is a student “think tank” for creative business ideas. The club’s strategy involves the following objectives:

  1. Challenge and expand members perception of Global Entrepreneurship
  2. Involve members in Social Entrepreneurship activities and strengthen business ethics, social responsibility, and environmental awareness
  3. Compliment Gore School of Business curriculum and provide members with an open business environment for discussions of innovative, entrepreneurial ideas
  4. Serve as a business incubator for members to plan, assemble, and implement their new business ideas
  5. Organize and facilitate workshops, lectures, and competitions designed to provide members with a better understanding of the global economy and political environment for establishing new enterprises
  6. Initiate dialogue between members and local entrepreneurs willing to mentor and supervise the professional development of business students
  7. Promote networking between club members and successful community entrepreneurs
  8. Motivate members to volunteer their entrepreneurial skills to new local start-ups and small companies