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Continuing Activities & Groups

Continuing Activities & Groups

Don't let the momentum stop! If you attended a workshop and would like to help bring some of the community-changing ideas to fruition, you can find out more here. Already, the Sugar House Summit has spawned several great initiatives in the community, including:

Sugar House Farmer’s Market

Our first Sugar House Summit focused on food security began the conversation about starting a farmer’s market in Sugar House. The market is currently in its third season and has moved to a new location in Sugar House Park. To learn more, visit their facebook page.

Creating a Community Garden in Sugar House

During our first Sugar House Summit events, a group concerned about community gardening and cooperation formed to create a community garden in Sugar House. This garden began in May 2011 and is in operation now. Learn more at their website.

Sugar House Walking Map

Our community building summits allowed community members to converse and streamline the process of how residents and visitors of Sugar House navigate our neighborhood. This initiated the idea of the Sugar House Walking Map and Business Directory, a collaboration between the Sugar House Community Council, Sugar House Merchants Association and community members to create a map of businesses in Sugar House. See the online map here.