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Plan of Study

Plan of Study

 (See program director for updated plan of study)


Phase I: DIDACTIC COURSES (12 months) 

Year 1 TERM 1 FALL (Aug. – Dec.) 
-MSNA 500: Physiology I (5 credits) Cellular, membrane & tissue mechanism. Physiology/pathophysiology of Muscle & Endocrine Systems

-MSNA 510: Chemistry/Physics (3 credits)  Chemistry/Physics related to Anesthesia
-MSNA 520: Pharmacology I (4 credits) Basic principles of pharmacology; uptake, distribution, elimination
-MSNA 530: Gross Anatomy (3 credits) Gross anatomy review with emphasis on CNS, cardiorespiratory, hepatorenal system

Year 1 TERM 2 SPRING (Jan. - May)
-MSNA 501: Physiology II (5 credits) Physiology/pathophysiology of Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Nervous Systems
-MSNA 521: Pharmacology II (3 credits) Pharmacology related systems & anesthesia

-MSNA 540: Anesthesia Principles I (3 credits) History, Careplans, Positioning, IVF, Safety, Airway, Lines, Intro. To Regional Blocks, Machine

-MSNA 570: Research Methods (2 credits) Research process
-MSNA 660: Advanced Health Assessment (1 credit) Development of advanced communication, assessment, and diagnostic reasoning skills.

Year 1 TERM 3 - SUMMER (May - August)
-MSNA 550: Anesthesia Principles II (5 credits) OB, Pediatrics, Cardiac, Neuro, Ortho, ENT, CNS, Musculoskeletal, Adv. Respiratory
-MSNA 560: Simulator Lab (2 credits) Interactive Human Simulation exercise

Phase II: CLASSES DURING CLINICAL ROTATIONS: (15 Months) Clinical Rotations begin September Year 2 and go
through December Year 3

Year 2 TERM 4 FALL (Aug – Dec.)
-MSNA 551: Anesthesia Principles III (2 credits) Trauma, Burns, Adv. CV, Transplant, Issues in Anesthesia Past & Present.
-MSNA 580: Anesthesia Seminar I (1 credit) Research articles, Case-Studies. 
-MSNA 601: Clinical Practicum I (4 credits) Clinical cases in nurse anesthesia.

Year 2 TERM 5 -SPRING (Jan – May)
-MSNA 552: Anesthesia Principles IV (2 credits)  High Risk OB, Data Interpretation, Anesthesia and Cancer, Office Anesthesia, Outside the OR.
-MSNA 581: Anesthesia Seminar II (1 credit) Research articles, case studies, simulation exercises.
-MSNA 602: Clinical Practicum II (4 credits) Clinical cases in nurse anesthesia.

Year 2 TERM 6 SUMMER (May - August)
-MSNA 553: Professional Aspects I (2 credits) Legal Issues, Substance Abuse, Business, Reimbursement, CV, Ethics, QI, The AANA, Professional Standards.
Which influence anesthesia practice
-MSNA 582: Anesthesia Seminar III (1 credit) Research articles, case studies, simulation exercises
-MSNA 603: Clinical Practicum III (4 credits) Clinical cases in nurse anesthesia

Year 3 TERM 7 FALL (Aug - Dec)
-MSNA 571: Research Practicum (3 credits) Completion/presentation of research projects
-MSNA 554: Professional Aspects II (1 credits) Professional issues in nurse anesthesia

-MSNA 604: Clinical Practicum IV (3 credits) Clinical cases in nurse anesthesia.