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Clinical Sites & Malpractice

Clinical Rotations and Malpractice

Students will be responsible for their own food, transportation, utilities, and housing at each clinical site. The Westminster College MSNA program has approximately 30 clinical sites in *nine states. Clinical sites are assigned to students according to their requests (desire for specialy rotations like regional anesthesia, OB, rural, CV, etc.), affordable housing (relatives or friends they can stay with near a clinical site), and in consideration of what clinical experiences they will need to obtain all NBCRNA case requirements. On average, students will rotate between 4-5 clinical sites for anywhere from 1-6 months/site. Clinical rotations begin with the first Tuesday in September and continue through November (15 months). Westminster students have continually averaged 850-950 cases by the end of their clinical rotations.

Students will be required to maintain their own malpractice insurance while on clinical rotation. The current cost is $274/year and is subject to increases/decreases without prior notice. Students are required to obtain and maintain malpractice insurance ($1 million/$3 million) coverage, at their own expense, the entire time they are on clinical rotations. Proof of malpractice insure will be required at each clinical site.

*Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Nevada, Texas, Utah, Wyoming