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Learning Disorders

Guidelines for Assessment and Documentation of Students with Learning Disorders



Disability Services (DS) determines for the college if a student has a disability (504, ADA, as amended) and if a student’s request for disability-related accommodations is appropriate. The DS Coordinator works with each student individually in order to make these determinations.

Documentation is used to determine what is reasonable and appropriate in the higher education setting. Providing documentation does not ensure students’ eligibility. Students may seek additional accommodations and requests may change over time, therefore, documentation may need to be updated. Accommodations will be implemented only after the student’s current needs are documented.

Eligibility Process

1. During the Intake meeting with the Disability Services Coordinator, the student plays an important part in this process by describing how the disability creates barriers, the history of accommodations that have been successful (if any), and the current status of the significant impact of the disability.

2. An important piece in this process is documentation the student provides to DS. Disability documentation for the purposes of providing accommodations must describe the disability and provide adequate information regarding the functional impact of the disability so that effective accommodations may be provided. Documentation must be written and signed by a professional (not a family member) who is qualified to make the diagnosis (include licensing or certification information, and area of specialization). It is very helpful to include the following information.

• State what disability has been diagnosed
• Describe the current functional limitations resulting from the disability
• Describe possible accommodations that may serve to assist the student in removing these barriers
• Provide information that supports each potential accommodation

Academic Accommodations

1. Are designed to meet a student’s disability-related needs without fundamentally altering the nature of the instructional program or altering any directly related licensing program.
2. Are not intended to provide remediation (instruction in basic skills not acquired earlier in the educational process; e.g. basic grammar, basic math, English as a Second Language, etc.).
3. When possible, appropriate and reasonable support services will be authorized at the initial Intake appointment. Support services/accommodations are reviewed at a minimum once per semester and also upon student request.


DS adheres to its policies regarding its responsibility to maintain confidentiality of the student’s information/documentation and will not release any part of the documentation without the student’s informed consent or under compulsion of legal process.

Call the Coordinator of Disability Services at (801) 832-2289 with any questions or for more information.

Please submit documentation to:

Karen Hicks, MS
Coordinator of Disability Services
START Center
Westminster College
1840 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84105
Fax: 801-832-3118

Revised 1/13