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Adaptive Testing Policy

Adaptive Testing Policy

Adaptive Testing Policy

Based upon the nature and extent of the impact of the student's documented disability, students registered with Disability Services (DS) may be granted an adaptive testing accommodation. It is each student's responsibility to meet with the DS Coordinator early each semester to verify testing needs and arrangements in order to implement this accommodation. Individual testing accommodations may include appropriate extended time, quiet area, use of a reader or scribe, use of adaptive equipment and/or devices, tape recorders, computers, etc.

All students are expected to conform to the Student Disciplinary Code and the Academic Honesty policy as described in the current Student Handbook and/or the current Academic Catalog. Students are monitored during testing and START Center staff members reserve the right to enter the room at their discretion.

For more information on adaptive testing, contact Disability Services at 801.832.2280.



Each student must meet with the DS Coordinator prior to the start of each term to request special testing. Testing accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis. the coordinator reviews the request and bases the decision on the disability documentation provided by the student and the nature of testing in each course.

Test Scheduling Procedure:

  • The student takes a Testing Arrangements Request to the course instructor for each test.

  • The student brings the completed request to the START Center to schedule the test on the master testing calendar. A minimum of 2 school days advance notice for regular tests and 5 school days for finals is required. Tests are scheduled during normal business hours only. It is to the student's advantage to schedule tests well in advance. No tests will be scheduled or administered without this notification.

  • Students are allowed only those aids during the test that are described on the Request form. No electronic devices are allowed, including cell phones and USB flash drives.

  • No-show, late arrival: The START Center administers exams according to prearranged instructions from the faculty member and the designated accommodations for each student as indicated on the test request sheet. The instructor, student and the START Center must agree on specific date(s) and time(s) for each test to be administered. If a student fails to show* or is late** for a test, the exam will be immediately returned to the instructor with a not indicating that the student failed to appear.

*Fails-to-show means no appearing for a test and failing to inform the START Center prior to the scheduled time.

**Late is arriving more than 15 minutes after the scheduled time.

  • If a student fails to appear for two tests in any semester, the student must meet with the program coordinator before scheduling additional tests.

How to reschedule a missed test:

  • It is the student's responsibility to contact his/her instructor and seek written permission to reschedule the test. The START Center will reschedule the test according to the instructor's directions. (see the sample Rescheduling Authorization form below)



________________________________________ has my permission to reschedule the test at the following date and time:

Student's Name: ___________________________________________________________

Rescheduled date: _________________________________________________________

Rescheduled time: _________________________________________________________

Instructors Signature: _______________________________________________________

Date: ____________________________________________________________________

Course Name and Number: __________________________________________________