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Syllabus Disability Statement

Syllabus Disability Statement

Disability Statement Definition

A statement placed on course syllabi indicating a faculty member’s willingness to provide reasonable accommodations to a student with a disability.

Two examples of disability statements that can be used/adapted for course syllabi are below.  The statement can be altered to meet the specific needs of your department/courses. 

  1. Westminster College seeks to provide equal access to the college’s program, services and activities to people with disabilities as defined by the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  If you have a disability for which you will need accommodations in this class, please let me know as soon as possible.  You will also be required to provide documentation of your disability to the Disability Services Program in the START Center .
  2. Westminster College seeks to provide equal access to its programs, services and activities for people with disabilities.  If you will need accommodations in this class, reasonable prior notice must be given to the instructor and the Disability Services (DS) Coordinator, 801-832-2281, to make arrangements for accommodations.


The statement should be an invitation to students who have disabilities to meet with the faculty member, in a confidential environment, to review course requirements and to discuss their need for accommodations. The student and the DS Coordinator work together to establish reasonable accommodations.  The documentation submitted by the student provides the nexus between the functional limitations of each individual, the specific demands of the course/instructor and the accommodations.  The instructor is considered a critical partner in this team.


  • The accommodation process should be one of collaboration between student, the instructor, and the DS Coordinator.
  • Students already working with DS have provided that office with documentation of their disability. Faculty should not ask the student to submit documentation to them.
  • An “Accommodations Request” form will be sent early in the semester that verifies the student has a disability and is eligible for certain accommodations.
  • A statement on the syllabus and an announcement in class normalizes the accommodation process by treating it as just another part of the course.
  • It is recommended that instructors for multiple section courses and labs come to an agreement on the syllabus statement used.