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Westminster students are encouraged to choose a program that strengthens and enhances their academic program.  There are three different categories of programs offered at Westminster: Exchange Programs, Westminster Recognized Programs, and May Term Study Experiences.
Westminster Exchange Program
International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)
Honors Study Abroad at University of Glasgow, Scotland
Westminster Recognized Providers
May Term Study Experiences

Westminster Exchange Program

Westminster currently offers the opportunity to study as an exchange student at our partner universities.  Students selected to participate on the exchange pay Westminster tuition (Westminster scholarships and federal financial aid can be used).  Airfare, room and board, and personal expenses are paid separately.

Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE): This exchange program is open to Westminster undergraduate students with a high level of fluency in Spanish.  Classes are taught in Spanish in the following subjects: Business, Economics, Communication & Design, Social Sciences, and International Relations.  The University is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The application deadline is May 31st for the Semester 2 (July-December) and October 31st for Semester 1 (March - July). 

Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina (UCA):  The principal campus of UCA is situated in a recently renewed part of the city adjacent to the River Plate. UCA as one of the leading educational universities in Argentina offers courses in a broad range of disciplines at the graduate and undergraduate level. Most classes are offered in Spanish.

Hochschule furTechnik and Wirtschaftdes Saarlandes (HTW): University of Applied Sciences  Located in Saarbrucken, Germany, HTW offers more than 25 degree programs.  Courses are taught in Engish at the Business School, and all other majors require high proficiency in German.  This program is open to undergraduates who have completed one full year at Westminster and currently enrolled MBA students.  The academic calendar follows the German system: Winter Semester is from October - March and Summer Semester is April - September.  HTW offers a free 2-3 week intensive German language program prior to the start of the semester for exchange students.

Saxion University of Applied Sciences: Located in the Netherlands, Saxion University offers a variety of programs at the undergraduate and MBA level taught in English.  Education at Saxion is very student centered and focused on professional practice. 

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

ISEP is a worldwide network of 290 universities in 38 countries offering a full immersion study abroad experience.  Students enroll directly in a foreign university and can take classes in English, or advanced foreign language speakers can take classes in the host country language alongside local students.  Westminster students who are selected for an ISEP Exchange program will pay Westminster tuition, room, and board.  Federal financial aid and most Westminster scholarships can be used for ISEP Exchange, but Westminster institutional aid cannot be used for ISEP Direct.  Students who choose the ISEP Direct option will not pay anything to Westminster, and instead pay the host institution directly.  

 The ISEP application deadline for Spring 2015 is August 25, 2014.

 Contact Sara Demko if you are interested in learning more about ISEP.  

Honors Study Abroad at University of Glasgow, Scotland

This study abroad program at the University of Glasgow, Scotland is open to Westminster students in the Honors Program.  Students will take one Honors seminar and 2-3 classes in their major or minor.  Students will pay tuition and fees to Westminster College, and room and board is paid directly to the University of Glasgow.  Other expenses such as airfare, health insurance, passport/visa, and personal spending are the responsibility of the student.  Click here to be redirected to the Westminster Honors website for more information.

Westminster Recognized Providers

Beginning in 2013, Westminster has undergone a review process to select program providers that most closely align with our College-wide learning goals.  This list of recognized providers is being introduced in Fall 2013, and the 13-14 academic year will be a transitional year.  In Fall 2014 and beyond, Westminster study abroad can only be approved through providers that are on the list of recognized providers.

Academic Programs International (API) API offers a variety of scholarships, including a First Generation Scholarship, S.T.E.M. Schlarship, API/JCU Early Bird and Diversity Scholarships as well as an API/Gilman Scholarship. 

American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) **AIFS Affiliate Grants! All Westminster students automatically receive a $400 discount on AIFS semester programs and a $200 discount on AIFS summer programs**

CEA Global Education CEA offers an automatic discount to Westminster students -- $500 for  Year program, $250 for a Semester program, and $100 for a short-term or summer CEA program.

Denmark's International Study Programs (DIS)

Institute for Study Abroad: Butler University  IFSA-Butler offers university specific and geographic specific scholarships.  They allows have a matching savings program called "Fill the Gap" and a scholarship for First Generation College Students

International Studies Abroad (ISA) including ELAP and former GlobaLinks Learning Abroad programs.

Round River Conservation Studies

SAI (Italy and London)

School for Field Studies (SFS)  SFS offers need-based scholarships, as well as zero-interest and low-interest loans.

Semester at Sea  Semester at Sea offers need-based and merit-based scholarships

SIT Study Abroad  SIT will automatically match a student’s Pell Grant award used for a semester program with SIT.

University of Utah Summer Programs


May Term Study Experience

MTSE Website
These short, intensive courses are offered during the month of May. The countries vary from year to year; but every May, professors lead students across the globe. Past May-term classes have visited China, France, Spain, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand.

**Important note regarding transcripts** If your study abroad transcript is not in English and is not issued by a U.S. institution, you will be responsible for any costs related to having the transcript and course descriptions translated into English by an outside evaluation company. The average cost is approximately $200.