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Current International Students

As an F-1 student you must do the following:

1.  Attend the school on whose I-20 you used to enter the U.S. If you transfer schools, you must follow transfer guidelines (contact the Director for Student International Services for assistance). Language Living Room, Fall 2009

2.  Maintain a full course of study (at least 12 credit hours for undergraduates and at least 7 credits for graduate students) for both the Fall and Spring Semesters. You are not required to attend school in the Summer, unless that is your first semester after entering the U.S.

3.  You may not enroll in more than three credits of on-line classes per semester as part of a full course of study. 

  • Undergraduate international students who take between 13-16 credits can take any credits in excess of the first 12 credits as on-line classes.

  •  Undergraduate international students who take exactly 12 credits cannot take more than 3 credits on-line.

  • Students in their last semester who have only one class left must take that class on-campus. 

  • Students in the Bridge 1 or 2 language level may not take any on-line classes.

4.  You must consult with and get permission from the International Advisor before dropping below full time enrollment.   Failure to do so will result in a loss of status.

5.  Maintain a valid passport. Start the renewal process six months before it expires.

6.  Come to the Diversity & International Center at least 10 days before you plan to leave the U.S. so that your I-20 can be signed to allow you to re-enter the United States.

7.  Obtain permission from the International Advisor before accepting on or off campus employment.

8.  Do not work more than 20 hours per week either on or off campus except during the summer and vacations.

9.  Notify the Director for Student International Services of your new address each time you move.

10. Make a copy of your I-20 and carry it with you at all times as this is your identification card in the U.S. Keep your original I-20, passport,  and I-94 card in a safe place.


Health Insurance
The health care system in the U.S. is extremely expensive and not supported by the U.S. government. In order to avoid large costs every international student is required to purchase health insurance that would help to cover some of your medical expenses.

Students and scholars with J visas, are required to have insurance that meets these minimum coverage amounts:
• At least $50,000 per accident or illness
• Repatriation of remains in the amount of $7,500
• Medical evacuation to their home country in the amount of $10,000.
• A deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness

For list of insurance provider please visit the following websites:

International Student Insurance
HTH Worldwide
ISO Student Health Insurance
Harbour Group
International Community Service

All Westminster Students may use Westminster Student Health Services (SHS), located in lower level of the Shaw Center. SHS is a medical care provided by a Family Nurse Practitioner who is able to treat common health problems. Since the SHS is very affordable they do not accept health insurance. However, if you would like to fill a claim with your insurance company, SHS can issue a copy of services provided. Click here for more info about SHS.

For more information, contact the international advising staff in the Diversity & International Center.