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Earth Systems

Why Study Earth Systems?

Earth Systems will help you understand the relationships between human culture's adaptation to various environments. You will also explore, among other topics, the "three big questions" of geology: How old is the earth? How have the earth's continents and ocean basis changed through time? What forces are currently acting to alter the surface of the earth?

Why Choose Westminster's Program?

The Earth Systems Science Program consists of several courses in geography, geology, and physical/earth systems science. The primary focus is on gaining an understanding of earth systems and global change processes in an integrative and interdisciplinary manner--physical/natural and human/cultural dimensions. Directed studies can be arranged to allow you to explore topics of interest in more detail and cooperative education/internship opportunities allow you to gain valuable experience. Our small class sizes encourage discussion, interaction, and individual attention from our faculty.

What Else?

Earth Systems is a program, not an academic degree, at Westminster, and is a good companion program to anyone in the Environmental Studies minor or one of the science (biology, chemistry, or physics, for example) degrees.