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Student Showcase

Westminster 3-2 Engineering Student Showcase

Gregory Dean chose to attend Westminster College for numerous reasons: a quality education, small class sizes, a men’s soccer team, and the Honors Program. 

With the amount of individualized attention you receive at Westminster, you get to know your professors very well. I consider my Westminster professors my friends. They are all very accomplished, highly skilled teachers who truly care about their students and want to help them achieve their goals.

One benefit of the 3–2 Engineering program at Westminster is financial: for a far lower cost, it gives you a solid foundation for your education. The other advantages of the 3–2 Engineering program are simply unparalleled: you graduate with a bachelor’s degree from both Westminster College and the University of Southern California (USC) or Washington University in St. Louis. Both USC and Wash U have some of the best engineering programs in the nation. You get to spend the first three years at Westminster studying your “background science,” which varies depending on the specific branch of engineering you want to go into. Those first three years are extremely valuable because you get much more individual attention and interaction with your professors while you are laying the foundation that your future coursework will build on.

When I first transferred out to USC, I wanted to see if my education at Westminster had prepared me properly for engineering or if I would be far behind the students who had gone straight into an engineering program at USC from high school. My education at Westminster prepared me so well that I am now in the top 10th of my class in USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering. I was also recently accepted to USC’s Progressive Degree Program, which allows accepted students to get a master’s degree in one year. The 3–2 Engineering program at Westminster prepares you to succeed in the world of engineering.

Gregory Dean graduated in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Westminster College and a Bachelor of Science in Astronautics and Space Technology Engineering from the University of Southern California.