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Why Major in English?

Top Ten Reasons to be an English Major at Westminster

  1. Westminster English majors discuss Old English with Prof. Georgi DonavinExcellent teachers and great teaching. We are a large department with diverse opinions, talents, and connections. All of us make first-rate teaching our highest priority.

  2. Wide career opportunities. Our graduates go into teaching, law, business, non-profit, social justice work, journalism/communications, and many other fields. 

  3. Writing Skills. Effective writing is the most sought-after skill in the American workforce. Westminster English majors become strong writers through regular practice with close attention from trained faculty. English students are eligible to work as consultants at the Writing Center, gaining valuable professional experience in teaching and editing.

  4. Small classes. Our writing workshops are never larger than 15, and our literature classes rarely top 20. We'll know you by name, and you'll get to know us and your classmates very well in this intimate setting.

  5. Great literature. In addition to American and British literature, many of our faculty teach classes in Asian, Russian, and other national literatures. Besides great authors like Shakespeare and Joyce, we also teach the literatures of other cultures and languages including many excellent ethnic and minority writers.

  6. A great creative writing program. Study with published poets and novelists in workshop format. We offer a creative writing emphasis within the major. Students can work on the staff of Ellipsis, a nationally-recognized literary journal.

  7. Nationally renowned Visiting Writers Series. Each year, we bring some of the nation's top poets to campus for readings, class visits, Q & A sessions, and as much face-to-face time with students as we can manage.

  8. Faculty expertise. Westminster English professors are active professionals in their fields and regularly publish scholarly books and articles, as well as poems, stories, and creative non-fiction. 

  9. Internships. We encourage students to try out their vocational ideas by working in local companies and organizations, and we'll help you find a placement suitable to your interests.

  10. May Term. A month-long semester in which students take a variety of special topic classes that interest them. Some upcoming classes include Experimental Photography, Primitive Pottery, Science on the Sea of Cortez, Hopi and Navaho cultures. Jane Austen, Western Films, and many more. Many May term classes go on trips to a variety of foreign countries. Full-time students receive four credits of May term tuition for FREE.

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