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English Program Learning Goals

English Program Learning Goals

Generate Effective Written and Oral Communication

  • Creatively and effectively practice writing and revision across a variety of genres

  • Locate, evaluate, and synthesize secondary sources and integrate them with analyses of texts

  • Collaborate with peers to give and receive constructive feedback on writing

Closely Analyze Texts and Media

  • Closely analyze texts from a range of periods and genres and generate written and spoken arguments about them supported by evidence and reasoning

  • Understand the social foundation and functions of language and media and their effects on communication

  • Develop interpretations and evaluations of texts through discussion with others

Understand Literary History and Contexts

  • Demonstrate awareness of the width and breadth of English literature and the ability to make informed connections across the field

  • Understand how literature emerges from, responds to, and influences various historical, cultural, and political contexts

  • Understand the role of race, class, gender, sexuality, and other categories of identity in how authors produce and how readers interpret texts

 Engage with Contemporary Literary and Critical Discourse

  • Read and interpret literary and theoretical texts in relation to one another

  • Critically approach contemporary literary and theoretical discourse

  • Develop self-awareness by questioning biases and embracing diverse perspectives in both reading and writing