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Westminster Bicycle Collective


Westminster Bicycle Collective

Westminster College and the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective have teamed up to create a branch of the collective right here on campus! A bicycle collective is a group of people who care about biking and use it for transportation, recreation, or a combination of the two. A collective also gives people an outlet for biking support in the form of maintenance and community.

A do-it-yourself bike shop right here on campus!

Work with mechanics to learn how to repair and maintain your own bike. Stop by and ask questions, talk to other bike enthusiasts, and see what is new in the biking community.  Membership is FREE for all students, faculty, staff and alumni and includes access to all the Collective's professional tools and expert technician advice, as well as tubes, locks, and other basic merchandise for sale.

Location: The Westminster Bicycle Collective is housed in a garage near the corner of 1200 East and 1700 South, down the alley next to the organic garden. 

Click here for Current Announcements from the Westminster Bicycle Collective. 

Donate a bike or other needed items to the Westminster Bicycle Collective!

Summer 2014 Hours:

Tuesday and Thursday 4- 6pm
Closed Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Become a Collective Certified Bike Technician!

All employees of the Westminster Bicycle Collective must have significant experience working in a professional bike shop, have completed a full series of UBI or equivalent courses, or completed one of the following options:

Option A (Preferred)

  • 10 Hours apprenticing with Bike Collective Technicians

  • 3 classes through the SLC Bicycle Collective or Westminster Bicycle Collective

  • AND demonstrate mastery of basic maintenance through the Collective's hands-on test

Option B

  • 20 hours apprenticing with Bike Collective Technicians

  • AND demonstrate mastery of basic maintenance through the Collective's hands-on test

Upon completion of one of the above, Westminster students may be eligible for staff positions at the Westminster Bicycle Collective

*All instruction and repair recommendations are advisory only.