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Register your bike

Campus/County Bike Registration

Did you know that both Westminster College and Salt Lake County require you to register your bike?  Not only is it the law, it is also a tool for recovering your bike if it is stolen. 

Why register your bike

Unfortunately, bikes are stolen every day in Salt Lake City. While Westminster has relatively low rates of theft on campus, there are still several bikes stolen every year.  Some of those bikes end up in pawn shops, but without appropriate registration, they never make it back to their owners.  Registering your bike provides important information to both Campus Patrol and the Salt Lake Police Department that they can use in case of theft.  Plus, hey, it's the law.

How & where to register

In order to streamline registration, Westminster College simply uses the Salt Lake County bicycle registration program.  Follow these simple steps to register your ride:

  1. Visit the Westminster Bicycle Collective to fill out a SLC County bicycle registration for FREE. You will need the serial number of your bike.
  2. Place the red sticker you receive upon registration in a visible location on your bike's frame.

What to do if your bike is stolen

First, contact Westminster Campus Patrol at 801.832.2525.  They will take information from you and work with the appropriate city and county authorities to try and recover the bike.