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Spring 2013 Bee Maintenance Schedule




Spring Bee Plan "PLAN BEE"



Thursday mar 7th
-----clean dead bees out of hive

Saturday or Sunday march 9 -10
----inspect hives to be sure they are healthy ( I am pretty sure they are)
--- set up both hives for brood production
--------- begin feeding sugar and pollen, arrange frames to provide a good brood nest
----set up hive to produce drones for breeding
---------place large cell frame into middle of brood nest on box hive
-----build nucs and (potentually) swarm traps

Tuesday mar 12
----clean hive
-------replace screen (I have decided the holes are too big and want to use a smaller mesh)
-------wipe down bars (to remove powdered sugar the bees never ate)
-------clean windoes
-------prepare for new bees
----------remove or straighten ugly combs
----------push old combs back to make room for new frames

March 15, 16 or 17
(or posibly pospone one week incase of bad whether this would push everything back)

----set up for queen replacement
--------make queen cups and grafting frame
----------graft yong larva into cups
-----make nuc split
--------remove queen from good top bar along with 3-4 frames of brood and honey
--------cut so frames will fit (the hives have similar dimentions but not exact, should be an easy fix)
--------place in transport box and set aside
-----after 1-2 hours (the bees must know they are queen-less and start thinking about replacing her before introducing queen cell grafts)
---------place grafting frame into now queen-less hive
---------arrange frames to eliminate empty spaces
---------top off pollen and sugar feed, close hive
------bring nuc to westminster hive
---------transfer bars to Westminster hive
------set up feeder system (I also have a plan for this but not fully drawn out yet)
---------business as usual for this hive ( should go nuts with all the already drawn comb and left over honey)

March 24th ish
----make mating nucs (probably 2 or 3)
------transfer frames of honey brood and as many drones as possible from box hive into nucs
----set mating nucs up near top bar queen making hive
--------transfer one or two developing queen cell into each mating nuc (leaving a couple in original hive)
--------provide nucs with plenty of food

About April 1st

----queens reach maturity and begin mating
----lightly inspect all hives to be sure queens took
----put up swarm traps

April 6 (or 13th if whether is bad) packages arrive (4)
----- install packages into their respective hives (plan c involves using pakages to re queen or re populate)
----------as experiment split one pakage in half and introduce queen (make 2 from one, always wanted to do)
------new queens in nucs and top bar should be mated and beginning to lay new eggs

April 13 ish
-----put nucs into larger hives

rest of april into may
----make more splits as needed
----control mites
----buy lots and lots of sugar
----check swarm traps each week
-------other bee stuff