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A Push for Real Food at Westminster College


Student, Carson Chambers, completed a food assessment for campus in the summer of 2011 specifically to determine how much food in our cafeteria is Fair, Local, Humane, and Ecologically Sound. For her  full results click here. Using this research, a group of dedicated students, staff, and faculty have come together to create the group: Westminster For Real Food. To read more about the assessment methods used or food calculator check out the Real Food Challenge website.



Between 2010-2011, Westminster had about 5% real food in Shaw.


Grow your own!

Westminster also has its very own organic garden that you can volunteer in and receive local, organic produce that you helped grow! To get more details on the organic garden click here!


Campus Sustainability Food Survey Results Affect Shaw Food
During the Spring of 2009, the Campus Sustainability Fellows administered a survey to 10% of the campus population. This included students, faculty and staff. Questions asked those surveyed to report how they valued sustainable food options such as organics and locally produced food. The results have been calculated and the fellows have drafted a recommendation list according to the campus voice. These suggestions have been presented and are being discussed with the campus food provider, Sodexo. To read the full report, click here.

 For any questions relating to sustainable food on campus or things in our community feel free to contact the environmental center.