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Donations and Wish List

Donations and Wish List

The Westminster Bike Collective wants yourt unwanted old bikes and parts. Any condition is fine. Feel free to bring them by the Collective during our shop hours.

Become a Sponsoring Member of the SLC Bicycle Collective!

The SLC Bike Collective has a sponsoring membership program in place that allows users to donate funds directly to three different programs: Earn a Bike (Kids are sponsored to learn how build their own bike for free), Trips for Kids (Program leaders take kids out on group rides around the city and get them exposed to the great wonders of riding and being in the outdoors), and Bikes for Goodwill (Used, donated bikes are fixed up and then given away to those in need free of charge).

Westminster Bicycle Wish List

Have any of the following items laying around that you don't want anymore? Well we want them!

  1. Old T-Shirts
  2. Used Bikes
  3. Used Parts
  4. Floor Mats with slight cushion