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Green Point Average

What’s your GPA?

Green Point Average

So what, you didn’t earn an “A” in Advanced Engineering and Physics of Neuroanatomy? You still have a chance to earn a high Green Point Average. By calculating your GPA, you’re able to measure how “green” you are. GPA highlights your areas for improvement and areas where you excel.

It may not seem like your actions alone make a big impact, but collectively, sustainable lifestyle choices help reduce our total ecological footprint. As a resident at Westminster, you can make a powerful difference with your everyday choices.

Those who have the most green living practices (and thus earn a high GPA) can gain a spot on the “Green’s List.”

How GPA Works:

The program is organized into a Sustainability “Course” Catalog with 8 “courses” (short sections) that must be completed in order to earn a GPA.

These courses are titled:

  • Elementary Energy
  • Introduction to Water Conservation
  • Methods of Transportation
  • Macro Wastenomics
  • Foodology
  • Principles of Purchasing
  • Ethics of Engagement
  • Innovation Capstone

Each section asks 3-7 questions about behaviors in that area. Please answer every question; choosing the answer that most accurately reflects your current habits. After you complete all 8 sections, your GPA is calculated based on your responses. You will be advised a “Major” and “Minor” for the areas where you clearly excelled. You can also be put on “Environmental Probation” for classes in which you are practicing sub-par sustainable behaviors.

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