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Why Green Point Average?


Greenin' Up for Good!


Did you know that Westminster College has a Climate Action Plan? Our goal is to become a carbon neutral campus by the year 2030. This challenging goal will be more attainable if the Westminster community incorporates sustainable behaviors into their daily lives.


As a member of Westminster College, you have the power to make a difference with your lifestyle choices. It may not seem like your actions have a large impact, but they really do. Making sustainable choices will help reduce our footprint and make strides towards Westminster’s carbon neutral goal!


Making small lifestyle changes is not as difficult as you think. The GPA quiz will give you ideas to use in the future, and you may already live by some of these environmentally-conscious behaviors. This program is meant to educate, and it can provide you with the recognition you deserve for already making the sustainable choice!


By proudly publicizing your GPA, you will be serving as a leader and a positive influence on the campus community. Your positive behaviors will encourage others to follow suit and live more sustainable lifestyles. Being green is not a sacrifice, it’s a way of life that benefits everyone.


Thanks for making this world a happier place to live! :)