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What can I recycle in campus blue bins?

Where can I recycle on campus?

How do I get a bin for my room or office?

Where can I recycle unusual items like batteries, fluorescent light tubes, CFLs, and pharmaceuticals?


 Did you know that...

  • Recycling on move-in dayWestminster sends over 750,000 pounds of garbage to the landfill every year?   
  • About 50% of items thrown away as trash could be recycled instead?
  • In their lifetime, an average American will throw away 600 times their own body weight, which results in approximately 90,000 pounds of trash?

Better recycling by students, faculty, and staff will DRAMATICALLY reduce the amount we send to the landfill.  Have a question?  Email the Environmental Center at



- choose reusable dishes and silverware in Shaw
- buy products with minimal packaging 


- paper printed on only one side as scrap paper (pick up a scrap pad in Walker I)
- old clothing as cleaning cloths instead of buying paper towels


- all PLASTICS, PAPER, and ALUMINUM in BLUE BINS on campus
- GLASS at Shaw or at one of these drop-off locations:


Remember, recycling is the last step in REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.  Find ways to reduce and reuse before you recycle.