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The Final Portfolio


If you will be graduating in FA14* or SP15 you will be required to submit your final portfolio prior to graduation.


Requirements (college wide learning goals portfolio)

Requirements for the College Wide Learning Goals (CWLG) Portfolio 

  • 2 pieces of evidence for each CWLG
  • 1 integrative essay (could be written, audio, or video) reflecting on your evidence for all 5 goals, and on your experience as a Westminster student (5 - 7 pages)

Program specific portfolios

Students in programs that require eportfolios will satisfy the final requirement with their program portfolio. The following programs currently require eportfolios:


Aviation: Flight Operations

Aviation: Management

Bachelor of Business Administration



Economics (B.S.)




International Business





Check back frequently for more information and resources to be posted, including deadlines, essay guidelines, and new programs with portfolio requirements. For questions, contact Kerri Shaffer Carter, Eportfolio Director, at 801-832-2050 or

*December grads should have received an email from Kerri Shaffer Carter and/or Sarah Lof with information about modified epotfolio requirements for early graduation. If not, please contact Kerri Shaffer Carter for instructions.