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The Final Portfolio

The Final Portfolio is a showcase of your academic work and the learning you've done both inside and outside of the classroom. It should draw heavily on work from your major and be relevant to your discipline and to your chosen professional or academic pursuits. 

If you started as a freshman at Westminster in FA11 or after, and you will be graduating in FA14* or SP15, you will be required to submit your final portfolio prior to graduation. See below for deadlines.

Requirements (college wide learning goals portfolio)

Requirements for the College Wide Learning Goals (CWLG) Portfolio (Due May 1st, 2015)

  • 2 pieces of evidence for each CWLG
  • 1 reflective piece, (total, not one per goal) that discusses your experience as a student and your growth relative to the CWLGs. This could be an essay, video, audio recording, artwork, performance, or any other medium of your choice. A written essay should be 5 - 7 pages; other media should be similar in scope and effort. If you are completing a thesis or other cumulative project for your major, your portfolio can serve as a showcase for that. Between the thesis or project itself, supporting materials, accompanying research, etc, you may be able to address all five learning goals. If you would like help with this process, contact Kerri Carter at 
  • You may use foliotek for your final presentation portfolio, but that is not required. You can use any platform you prefer, as long as you submit the link through foliotek so your portfolio can be assessed.
  • Whether or not you are using foliotek to create your presentation portfolio, you will need to link to it in foliotek by going to the Final Portfolio section, and clicking on "Final Presentation Portfolio." Click on "Add File." If you used foliotek to create your presentation portfolio, select "Foliotek Presentation Portfolio" from the file options. If you used another platform, select "Link to an external website (URL)." Eportfolios not submitted to foliotek will not be considered turned in.
  • For an example of how you might arrange your portfolio and final reflection, see the following link:

Program specific portfolios

Students in programs that require eportfolios will satisfy the final requirement with their program portfolio. The following programs currently require eportfolios (Deadline will be determined by your program):


Aviation: Flight Operations

Aviation: Management

Bachelor of Business Administration



Economics (B.S.)




International Business





Check back frequently for more information and resources to be posted, including essay guidelines and new programs with portfolio requirements. For questions, contact Kerri Shaffer Carter, Eportfolio Director, at 801-832-2050 or

*December graduates should have received an email from Kerri Shaffer Carter and/or Sarah Lof with information about modified epotfolio requirements for early graduation. If not, please contact Kerri Shaffer Carter for instructions. The portfolio deadline for December graduates is December 19th.