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Film Studies Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of program is it?

The Film Studies program at Westminster emphasizes Film Literacy and Scholarship. We study film as a rich language composed of pictures, movements, sounds, and words. Students receive a strong background in analyzing film and its relation to the arts, humanities and social sciences.  The program emphasizes films' participation in their particular historical and political contexts, and includes attention to films from non-"western" cultures.

What’s unique about it?

The program includes emphases on the uniqueness of film as well as its relations to other fields, so it is both a specific field of study and an interdisciplinary one. The faculty includes scholars from the arts, humanities and social sciences. Students are encouraged to foster film education in the wider community.

Why study films?

Film Literacy is an important component of Liberal Education because it includes so many art forms, including words, images, and music, relating them in its own rich and complex language.

Film has been an important component of world culture for over a century. It influences the arts, humanities, and social sciences, as well as playing an important role in social, political, and cultural developments.

Just as it is essential to read well in order to write well, it is necessary to read films in order to create them. A background in Film Literacy is a significant advantage for students interested in the production, business, or educational opportunities in film.

How does it relate to other studies?

The minor in Film Studies is an ideal accompaniment to a major in any of the humanities, arts, or social sciences. It is also offered as an emphasis in the Arts Administration major, for students interested in the business of film.