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Student Employee Standards and Responsibilities

Working for Westminster College is not only part of the educational experience, it is an employment opportunity as well. You can acquire essential work skills while you are a student at Westminster, and you may want your supervisor to provide a reference for you after you graduate.

As an employee of Westminster College you are expected to demonstrate a positive attitude and conduct yourself in an professional manner. The expectations for all students employed by Westminster College are listed below.

  • Report to work on time, and keep the schedule you and your supervisor established when you were hired. If you will be absent or sick, notify your supervisor as soon as possible prior to your scheduled time of arrival.
  • Arrange all other known changes to your work schedule with your supervisor, and get approval no less than 24 hours ahead of the change.
  • Keep absolute confidentiality about other students and college records. A breach of confidentiality is cause for immediate dismissal from employment.
  • Understand that you represent the college as you interact with other students, faculty, staff, and the public.
  • Notify your supervisor with as much notice as possible prior to terminating employment. At least one week is preferable.
  • Contact the Financial Aid Office about problems which cannot be resolved between you and your supervisor.
  • As an employee of the college you will also be accountable for the information outlined in the Policies and Procedures of the Student Handbook.
  • Attend a Federal Work Study/ Student Employment orientation session held at the beginning of each academic year. Once you have attended, you will not be required to attend future training sessions, unless new information will be presented.
  • Talk to your supervisor about appropriate dress standards and follow these standards.