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Employer Reimbursement

Employer Reimbursement for Graduate Students

Many students in Westminster's graduate programs are eligible for tuition reimbursement from their place of employment. Westminster will not require up-front payment from you while we are waiting for your employer to reimburse you or the college - however, you will need to sign a promissory note with the college at the start of each semester. The college does charge a one percent per month finance fee to carry your tuition balance through the semester. (Your employer may or may not be willing to cover this charge)

Tuition Reimbursement Agreement Form

In order to participate you will need your employer to sign the following form.  You may need the free Acrobat Reader program to view and print the form:

This form will only need to be completed once, provided you stay with the same employer.

Please contact Student Account Services at 801.832.2120 for more information.