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Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate Students

  • Are there scholarships?
    Westminster does not offer any institutional scholarships for graduate students.
  • Do I need to fill out a FAFSA for every school I apply to?
    No. The FAFSA should only be filed once. The results may be sent to up to 10 schools at one time.
  • How does it work if my employer is paying?
    The Financial Aid Office needs to be notified about any employer reimbursement as it may affect your overall financial aid award. Employer reimbursement paperwork and forms are available through our Student Account Services Office.
  • When do I have to pay back my loans?
    Most loans go into repayment once you have finished school. Some loans have interest only payments you need to make while you are in school. Most loans require that you are enrolled half-time or more (4+ credit hours as a graduate student) in order to keep the loan deferred while you are in school. Also, if you have any outstanding student loans that you borrowed as an undergraduate student, you may be eligible to defer the repayment based on your at least half-time graduate program enrollment.