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Downloading and Using Canvas App (westminster.instructure.com)

Canvas app.jpgOne of the best tools to                        

keep track of your                                                                   

assignments and to                               

communicate with

your porfessors on Canvas.




You can:

check the upcoming assignments,

communicate with others,

check your grades,

and more...


It is easy to set it up and then not to give it up anymore.

1. Download the app from the app store.

Photo 1(1).jpg



2. Open the app and press "GET STARTED."

Photo 2(1).jpg



3. Enter the school server adresswestminster.instructure.com

Photo 3(1).jpg



4. Log into your account and you will be ready to use it.

Photo 4(1).jpg


5. From now on it is really simple.

  • In the STREAM section you can see your homepage as you see it on the webpage.
  • In the COURSES section you can check all the materials that your class offers to you including
    • Schedule
    • Discussions
    • People
    • Files and Pages.
  • In the INBOX section you can communicate with your professors or with your classmates.
  • IN the GRADES section you can check all of your grades. So if you have set up the email notifications on your phone for canvas. When you find out that your assignment has been graded you can just check it from your app

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