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Adobe Connect Web Conferencing

Westminster Connect Site: http://westminster.adobeconnect.com

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing tool It allows for audio, video, desktop, chat, and presentation sharing. It is a flash-based web application and works on both Mac and WIndows computers. The benefit to using it as opposed to Panopto is that it allows for two-way communication.

An example of its use is to hold "online office hours". It is like creating a virtual office or meeting room. Learners can go to a URL which takes them to a virtual office where you can discuss assignments, look at documents together, share websites, or just chat.


The basics

More advanced


How to use Adobe Connect:

  1. First, contact the FTC to get a username/password and a "room". Keep in mind that Connect does not utilize the Westminster username and password, so you'll want to be sure to keep track of the password. Discuss with the FTC how you would like user permissions to work. For example, do you want your room to be available for anybody who has the URL- but you have to approve their participation, do you want to require each person to have a username and password? If you want students to login, be sure to give the FTC at least a weeks notice before you plan on using Connect.
  2. Test audio and video equipment. Before you enter Adobe Connect you should have a webcam and/or a microphone plugged into your computer. It is valuable if you verify that it is working before you enter Connect. The most common problem is Audio not working, so be sure that you have a working headset/microphone situation.
  3. Go to the Connect website and login. The first time you login you should be prompted to change your password. If not, click on the "My Profile" link, then click on the "Change My Password" link. Fill in the correct fields and save your new password.
  4. Go to your meeting room and set up the pods to be the size and location that you would like.
  5. Invite people to come to come to your meeting. Typically you will get a meeting room address that will be something like this: "http://westminster.adobeconnect.com/yourusername". You will want to share this addresss with those who will attend. For example, you might want to create a linik to this site in your ANGEL course.
  6. Run the meeting.
  7. Record the meeting if desired. (Go to the menu and the top and choose "Meeting" > "Record Meeting")
  8. End the recording and logout of the meeting.
  9. Get the URL of the recording and share it with users if appropriate.

Faculty Set-up Tutorial Video


Coaching with Connect