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Online Presentations with PowerPoint 2007

If you do not have the latest version of Office 2010 you can still create some presentations that can be shared online. Unfortunately, it is not nearly as easy as it is in Office 2010. If you would like to post to a website like slideboom, watch the video on the PowerPoint 2010 page which shows the process. The real challenge is getting it to work on Youtube. 

There aren't very many great ways to do this. My Digital Life has a page that describes several options. The page can be found here.

If you are set on using Youtube, I'd recommend doing the following:

  1. Open your presentation in Office 2007.
  2. Click the "Office Button" then choose "Save As"
  3. Now you will see lot of options for in the combo box. Select JPEG format and save.
  4. This will save all your file into a folder with same name as your ppt or pps name.

Once you have the image files use Windows Movie Maker to create a video file and then you can upload it to Youtube. Here is a video demonstrating how to do this: