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Microsoft Office Training

In the project based programs you will need to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.  Please review the list below of some of the things you will need to be able to do.  If you are not sure how to do these things you can refer to the self study programs listed below.

Microsoft Word:

Set up page margins

Set double or single spacing

Manage font selection and sizes

Cut, copy and paste

Center titles and right justify

Use bullet point lists

Create a table

Spell and grammar check

Use bold, italic and underline

Use the review process to track changes


Microsoft Excel:

Format cells for text or numbers

Add and name worksheets

Enter data by typing

Edit Cells

Understand the use of rows and columns

Enter data by copying from other sources

Cut, copy and paste

Create mathematical formulas in a cell

Copy formulas with relative or absolute references

Understand and use functions like sum

Create charts

Select and print areas of your worksheet


Microsoft PowerPoint

Create slides

Add a new slide

Pick a layout

Type in text

Insert pictures or charts

Edit slide elements

Arrange slide elements

Copy, cut and paste

Check spelling

Edit font type and size

Bold, underline and italics

Present a slide show

Print slides




My first word document part 1 and part 2

Create visually compelling word documents

Word Tips and Tricks

Word Basics for MAC



Create your first spreadsheet

Using Formulas

Excel basics for MAC



Create your first PowerPoint

PowerPoint basics for MAC


Business Tutoring Lab:


Track Changes: