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Volume 1 Issue 1 :: March 4, 2015

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The Faculty Technology Center News

Exciting news about the computer area within the faculty technology center: We've redesigned the meeting space!
The tables and computers have all been moved from a "sage on the stage" teacher-centric orientation to a more learner and collaboration friendly layout.

Clearing the tables and computers to the edges of the room has created a more open, spacious, and teamwork encouraging environment. Without buying any new equipment, the updated layout also provides room for one extra workstation, while the central table becomes a more comfortable place for learners who bring their own laptops. 

We're looking forward to working with each of you in this redesigned space, so if you happen to be in our neck of the woods please drop by and tell us what you think!


Did you know about Canvas?

Canvas updates and  adds improvements every month? Did you know that there is an environment that you can test these improvements before they’re released? Did also you know that we have another environment that allows you to play in your course without making changes to your “Live” courses?
Instructure is constantly improving Canvas our learning management system with ideas (feature requests) that are submitted by faculty and students. These ideas go through a rigorous process of what can be implemented quickly or major projects that are worked on over a period of time. Canvas posts information about these implementations on their website, (we also post these on the
FTC website) then releases them into a beta environment. You can access the beta site by going to westminster.beta.instructure.com 

In addition to the beta site you can test changes or just play around without effecting your course. You can access the site by going to westminster.test.instructure.com 

  **When using these website, keep in mind they’re not as robust as our live environment, you will notice it’s a little slower.

New Canvas Features

Here are just a few of the changes that happened over the weekend.

Learning Mastery Gradebook

The Learning Mastery Gradebook helps instructors assess the outcomes that are being used in Canvas courses. Located as part of the regular Gradebook, the Learning Mastery Gradebook provides an overview of student learning based on standards rather than grades. Instructors can also use the gradebook for feedback about curriculum and teaching methods.

Grades: Points in Student Total Grade

If an instructor grades by points in the Gradebook, students will also view their total grade in points. This option only applies if an instructor changes the grading option within the Gradebook total column from percent to points.

Reminder: Instructors can only grade by points if they are not using weighted assignment groups.

Gradebook: CSV File Assignment Group Columns

Assignment group columns are part of the CSV download from the Gradebook. This feature allows instructors to examine the overall performance of their course related to each assignment group and student scores. Each assignment group in the CSV file displays current points, final points, current score, and final score. Assignment group columns are read-only columns calculated by rules or percentages set in Canvas, and changes made to these columns within the CSV file will not be recognized if the CSV is uploaded to the Gradebook.

Course Imports: Content Selection Redesign

The Select Migration Content process has been redesigned within Course Imports. When admins or instructors copy or import courses and choose to select course content, Canvas will no longer select all content by default.

The import screen is grouped by content type. Content types that include more than one item are placed within a group that indicates the total number of content items. To expand the group, click the drop-down arrow next to the content type.

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