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Completed Research


Student research projects from the 2008-2011 period includes:

Kate Amadio: (faculty mentor – Greg Carling, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Utah)/Mercury Loading and Methylation in the Great Salt Lake Watershed

Nicole Baily: (faculty mentor – Dr. Brian Avery, Westminster College)/Molecular Identification of Cestode Parasites of the Brine Shrimp, Artemia, from Great Salt Lake, Utah

Lindsy Brickell: (faculty mentor – Dr. Bonnie Baxter, Westminster College)/Cartenoids and DNA Damage in a Great Salt Lake Halophilic Archaea

John Buchannan: (mentor – Tracy Aviary personnel)/Avian Populations in City Creek Canyon, Utah

Jay Bowman-Kirigin: (faculty mentor – Dr. Paul Hooker, Westminster College)/Isolation Quanitation of Carotenoids in Halophiles from the Great Salt Lake

Sarah Carver: (faculty mentor – Dr. Christy Clay, Westminster College)/Estimating the Wintering Grounds of Migratory Shorebirds Using Stable Isotopes.

Elizabeth Duffin: (faculty mentor – Bonnie Baxter, Westminster College)/UV Damage and Repair in a Great Salt Lake Haloarchae

Jim Goodman (faculty mentor – Dr. Frank Black, Westminster College)/The Importance of Arachnids in Biomagnification on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake

Alexander Griffin: (faculty mentor – Dr. Bonnie Baxter, Westminster College)/Genomic Comparisons of Great Salt Lake Microorganisms

Isaac Hall: (faculty mentor – Bonnie Baxter, Westminster College)/Isolation and Quantification of Great Salt Lake Algae

Meghan Johnston: (faculty mentor – Dr. Kerry Case, Westminster College)/Campus Opportunities for Novel STEM Based Learning

Angela Marler-Boyd: (faculty mentor – Dr. Brian Avery, Westminster College, Westminster College)/Generic Model Organism Database setup for the Artemia Genome Project

Allie Roach and Cordell Johnston: (faculty mentor – Dr. Betsy Kleba, Westminster College)/Seeking and Identifying Members of the Archael Community of the North Arm of Great Salt Lake

Johanna Tietze: (faculty mentor – Bonnie Baxter, Westminster College)/Great Salt Lake Microalgae populations as Indicator Species of Habitat Quality: Novel Methods for Monitoring.

Bobby Sheen, Carla Suarez, Kristin Gillette: (faculty mentor – Dr. Brian Avery, Westminster College)/Development of a High-Resolution Melting Curve Method to Study the Genetic Diversity of the Brine Shrimp (Artemia) Population of Great Salt Lake, Utah