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EE Course Descriptions 

Foundations of Environmental Education (Spring 2014)

This course explores wo main aspects of EE:  the fundamentals of environmental education as a field and environmental literacy. The class will use the history of EE to understand the current issues in the field, distinguish between education and advocacy, and explore regional and national trends that impact environmental education. The class will also investigate the ecological concepts that underpin environmental literacy through an exploration of the process of science, of ecological processes and systems, and citizenship skills and responsibilities. The course is developed from the nationally-recognized "Fundamentals of Environmental Education Course" created in collaboration with national EE experts, using materials produced by national EE organizations and EE faculty and graduate students. 

Application of Environmental Education (Fall 2014)

This course is designed to complement outreach efforts at Great Salt Lake Institute and helps students prepare for future jobs.  Each week will focus on a different aspect of planning and implementation, which will give environmental educators the opportunity to develop and improve EE programs.  As part of the course, students will develop evaluation tools and apply them to their existing programs. There will be the expectation of students to have a basic knowledge of and experience with teaching environmental education.  It is expected that this course builds upon teaching and skills rather than teach them straight out.