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Honors Book Awards

To encourage and recognize excellence in written work in the Honors seminars, the program gives cash awards to the best essays written annually in four different categories. The Honors Council also chooses from among those winning papers a "Best Honors Program Essay of the Year," whose writer receives an additional cash award. Awards are announced at the annual spring Honors banquet and winners have their names engraved on a plaque that hangs in Nunemaker Place, home of the Honors program. The awards for the 2012-2013 academic year were:

Category 1 (Humanities)

  • Chris Cunningham, "Why'd You Kiss Me?: The Confused Meaning of Lenny and Eunice's Kisses" 

Category 2 (Sciences)

  • *Katrina England, "No “Idols” in this Cave: Minimizing Baconian Biases and Engaging Wildlife Documentary Viewers in the Scientific Process through “Making Of” Videos"

Category 3 (Social Sciences)

  • Chris Cunningham, "Profit Slavery: The Laborer’s Dependence upon the Capitalist"

Category 4 (Special Topics & Cross-Listed Classes)

  • Heidi Saxton, "Commodity Fetishism and the Apple Sensation"

The Honors Council, in conjunction with the Honors director, will also select a paper to submit for the NCHC's annual Portz Scholar competition, which is the national competition for best undergraduate writing in Honors programs. Three winners of Portz awards receive $250 each and are recognized at the NCHC's national convention.  Typically, that paper will be selected from an upper-level Honors Book Award paper or an essay generated from an Honors Independent Summer research Grant.

*Best essay of the year award.