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Profs Pick the Flick

Several times a year, a professor in the Honors program hosts an evening screening of a film. Professors might select a film related to their own academic discipline, one that reflects an outside interest, or one that treats a timely subject matter. Usually, attendees will engage in a discussion about the film following its screening. "Profs Pick the Flick" was started by the Student Honors Council in 2003 as a way of offering alternative programming that put Honors students in touch with professors in informal settings. Films are shown on the large-screen presentation room in Nunemaker, home of the Honors program.

2014-15 FILM

  • Eden, dir. Megan Griffiths; hosted by Prof. Fatima Mujcinovic (English/Gender Studies) and Prof. Han Kim (Public Health)

2013-14 Film

  • Le Hérisson (The Hedgehog), dir. Mona Achache; hosted by Prof. Steve Haslam (French)

2012-13 Films

  • También la lluvia (Even the Rain), dir.  Icíar Bollaín; hosted by Prof. Luis "Iñaki" Prádanos-Garcia (Spanish)
  • Contagion, dir. Steven Soderbergh; hosted by Prof. Betsy Kleba (Biology) and Prof. Han Kim (Public Health)

2011-12 Films

  • The Big Lebowski, dir. Joel and Ethan Coen; hosted by Prof. Susan Cottler (History)
  • The Purity Myth, featuring Jessica Valenti; hosted by Prof. Kristjane Nordmeyer (Sociology)

2010-11 Film

  • Salt of the Earth, dir. Herbert J. Biberman; hosted by Prof. Jeff Nichols (History)

2009-10 Film

  • Sweet Smell of Success, dir. Alexander Mackendrick; hosted by Prof. Sean Desilets (Film Studies)

2008-09 Film

  • The Lives of Others, dir. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck; hosted by Prof. Richard Badenhausen (Honors)

2007-08 Films

  • Underworld Evolution, dir. Len Wiseman; hosted by Prof. Michael Popich (Philosophy)

  • True-Hearted Vixens, dir. Mylène Moreno; hosted by Prof. Bridget Newell (Philosophy)

2006-07 Films

  • Dark Days, dir. Marc Singer; hosted by Prof. Lesa Ellis (Psychology)
  • A Time to Kill, dir Joel Schumacher; hosted by Prof. Michael Popich (Philosophy) 

2005-06 Films

  • Rivers & Tides, dir. Thomas Riedelsheimer; hosted by Prof. Jeff McCarthy (English; Environmental Studies) 
  • Crash, dir. Paul Haggis; hosted by Prof. Bridget Newell (Philosophy; Gender Studies) 

2004-05 Films

  • Cool Hand Luke, dir. Stuart Rosenberg; hosted by Prof. Doug Wright (Art; Film Studies)
  • Love and Death, dir. Woody Allen; hosted by Prof. Nick More (Philosophy)

2003-04 Films

  • Chinatown, dir. Roman Polanski; hosted by Prof. John Watkins (Economics)
  • Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, dir. Tom Stoppard; hosted by Prof. Bonnie Baxter (Biology)
  • The Return of Martin Guerre, dir. Daniel Vigne; hosted by Dean Mary Jane Chase (Dean, Arts & Sciences)