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Honors Traditions

The Westminster College Honors program is rich with tradition, a function of Honors students having a shared experience in a collaborative and supportive learning environment.  Some traditions are serious and some are fun; but all of them connect Honors students to each other and the Honors legacy established by previous students and faculty.

Honors Orientation

Each student begins their Honors experience in the same way: in a day-long series of events run by upperclass Honors students designed to ease the transition to college, establish bonds with each other, and have a lot of fun along the way.  Before the regular college orientation begins, Honors students meet each other and learn about the program, engage in a common read discussion, sit in on a sample Honors class, do a self-portrait, participate in some group work, and watch a film.  Along the way, we have lots of time to eat, get to know each other, and, like these students, run around campus like maniacs. 

Pizza with Profs & Profs Pick the Flick

Faculty and student collaboration is at the heart of the Honors program.  While there are many opportunities for Honors students to interact with faculty outside the classroom, possibly the most popular is the "Pizza with Profs" program in which faculty talk informally with Honors students about one of their areas of research or outside interests.  Other chances to work with faculty outside the classroom include the "Profs Pick the Flick" film series, the Honors independent summer research grant program, and Honors-sponsored trips to regional and national academic conferences.  Here, Prof. Jeff McCarthy, former chair of Environmental Studies, grabs a piece of pizza before speaking with Honors students about the changing perceptions of Nature through the years.

Dead Paper Society

Honors students blow off steam at the end of each fall semester by gathering around the fire on Nunemaker'sback porch and burning copies of research papers they'd rather not see again.  Amidst the roasting papers and marshmallows, students swap academic horror stories and then retire inside Nunemaker to watch Dead Poets Society.  (Faculty are definitely not invited to this event!)  This year's event was a bit chilly as a cold front moved in preparation for dumping a foot of fresh powder on the slopes of the Wasatch Range.

Honors Faculty vs. Student Softball Game

On "Dead Day" every spring semester, the Honors faculty squares off against Honors students in a softball showdown at high noon.  Usually the best attended event of the year, the game gives the students a chance to try to beat their Honors elders in an athletic contest that would make the Greeks proud.  Because they typically lose this annual competition, Honors students have been known to pelt the Honors faculty with water balloons at the post-game lunch.  Click here for scores of recent games.

Spring Banquet

Just as we begin the semester together at Honors orientation, the entire Honors program comes together each year on the last evening of the spring term for a banquet celebrating the year's Honors achievements. Various awards are given out, many of them serious and many not so serious. The highlight of the evening is when each of the graduating seniors tells a story about their Honors experience, what we call "Senior Moments." Here, the Honors director poses with some of the graduating seniors at a banquet.