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Business Products & Services

Business Products & Services

Early Stage:
Champion Startup
Majority Owners:
Benjamin Hughes
Thomas Lyon
Topher Ahlers
Westminster Entrepreneurs:
Benjamin Hughes (’09)
Launched in 2012
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25,001-$50,000
Industry: Business Products & Services (Design, branding, and marketing)
Company Overview: Champion Startup provides companies and professionals with affordable branding and modern marketing solutions. Through leading design and development methods, Champion Startup creates world-class results for: Logo Design, Branded Materials (business cards, letterhead, packaging, etc.), Websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Local Internet Marketing (LIM) needs. Our clients receive customized services and Startup Packages designed grow their business. With our experienced Startup Champion's (members of our team) directing up to 20+ graphic designers and the use of some of the leading design, development, and research software, you can expect world-class results at an affordable price from Champion Startup. As mentioned by the Graphic Artists Guild, you may pay anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 for a corporate logo at a traditional design firm and according to SEOmoz, a leading SEO intelligence company, SEO costs vary across countries, but $76-$200/hour (the USA has a majority in the $101-150 range) is most common. According to these statistics, for companies and professionals looking to grow their branding and modern marketing efforts, it can cost well beyond what Champion Startup charges for similar services. Additionally, the results from Champion Startup are often superior. For example, on our most recent logo design project, our client received, 175 logo designs from 21 designers all for under $1,000.
Future Growth Plans: Our future growth plans include: using various marketing and awareness methods to obtain a larger client base, further testing business model and refining services and pricing. Employ a few good people, see if business scalable and then approach other markets outside of Utah.



Cobalt Dental Insurance Advisors
Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Chris Taylor (’09)
Launched in 2010
Number of Employees other than Owner: 2
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25,001-$50,000
Industry: Business Products & Services       
Company Overview: Provide a professional business analysis of dental practices which provide net profit and income per hour for each third party dental plan they contract with (or might contract with). At this time, most dentists do not know how much money (if any) they make with each dental plan, even though 70-95% of their income comes directly from insurance reimbursement.
Future Growth Plans: Looking at possible partnerships with other dental service companies, including the Dental Cooperative, possibly as an "advisory service" or even in-house. Also want to expand service online for a monthly fee, which each practice can update themselves, allowing them to see real-time results from increase/decrease of fees to adding/dropping insurances. Also looking at negotiating with insurances for higher fees directly on behalf of dentists.
Major Accomplishments: Recently asked by the Utah Dental Association to write 2 articles for their Action magazine, and to present at the upcoming 2013 Utah Dental Convention. Have also spoken at 3 UDA District meetings and 2 additional Dental Study Groups.



Propel, Inc
Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
David Mead (’11)
Launched in 2010
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $75,001-$100,000
Industry: Business Products & Services
Company Overview: Companies that focus on a greater purpose or ideal generate 400% more profit than companies that focus on the bottom line. Not only are profits affected by a "Why" (the reason the company exists), but the culture of those companies makes them great places to work. I help companies find and articulate their Why so they can become the kind of places where people come to work because they want to, not because they have to.
Future Growth Plans: I plan to extend my services to include more workshops and consulting services so I can help companies successfully implement ideas into their cultures.


Majority Owner and Westminster Alumni:
Matt Visser (’09)
Launched in 2009
Number of Employees other than Owner: 14
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $2,500,000
Industry: Business Products & Services       
Company Overview: VICTIG provides innovative and progressive background screening solutions to employers, property managers, and affiliated partners directly and through API integrations.
Future Growth Plans: Keep up with demand.
Major Accomplishments: Cash flow positive from month 1. Business was started with $500.00 and no additional capital.
Majority Owner and Westminster alumni:
Sonia Cordero ‘14
Launched in 2000
Number of employees other than owner: 6
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $100,001-$500,000
Industry: Business Products & Services
Company Overview: Accounting, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Income tax Preparation for Business and Personals, Sales Tax.
Future Growth Plans: I would love to purchase the building so I can move my office.
Major accomplisments: I am a minority female with my own business in USA.